Memory Captured...


kathryn is british!!! from Jackie B. on Vimeo.
*click through to the blog to view actual clip...

Inspired by the always inspiring Bri and this little video of hers, I got to thinking... I thought "Hey, maybe I can try my hand at making little movie clips about life. I already photograph everything so why not start filming too. I'm pretty sure I could make movie magic... or at least magical glimpses into past events..." (yea I talk to myself... quite often actually). And so that was decided... I am now Jackie B. aka memory collector... armed with an i phone (hopefully a dslr in the future) and a unique way of looking at things. If we hang out, come prepared... you'll never know if I'm taking a picture or filming... or what will end up here on my little blog ;)

***Today I am thankful for technology... as someone who normally resists it, I can't believe how much I've immersed myself (for me) over the last few years***


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