A Week In Instagrams 6.21.12


Hi long lost friends! I know it's been a few days (and I know it's not Thur.) but Ive just been a little wrapped up in a few opportunities that have very nicely popped up recently. I was delighted at the chance to attend Bubble London this past Sunday and you can read all about it in my recap posts over on chi.qui.ti.tos. Overall it's been a pretty great week!!! A very motivating and inspiring week indeed, and hey I even got myself out for a run (it's been on and off again). So I will be trying to hold on to all this positivity to help push myself forward through the up coming weeks. Oh and yesterday, really late at night, I realize it had been exactly seven years since hubs and I had started dating!!! Crazy I know and I can't believe it had been so long already... doesn't really feel that long but the long distance could be to blame...

1. dreaming of denim 2. england vs sweden match 3. patriotism in the city 4. a new malarky hooray! 5. and another cool cat by malarky 6. stik shows us love 7. american girls day at the diner 8. pink berry catch up 9. street art and abandoned trains 10. roa fuzzy squirrel 11. one of the longest escalators ever! 12. angels winds 13. aravore at bubble london 14. no added sugar at bubble london 15. hucklebones at bubble london 16. fortune telling me something i already knew 17. getting back on the streets 18. snail mail from little k

Awkward- Being glued to my laptop for various reasons and not seeing the outside world for a few days... my only contact with another person was hubs and I'm pretty sure I was extra needy! Standing in an overly crowded pub for the England vs Sweden game and not being able to see anything because I'm too small... only judging the game by the over enthusiastic noises and/or grunts the Brits made... and the flying of beer through the air when a goal was made... Hayfever... or what we Americans refer to as allergies...and in case you are wondering, no there is no hay involved, and yes I am afflicted... Me at the start of Bubble London... I was very nervous and not sure how to approach people or what to say... I'm pretty positive the first couple booths I went to thought I was awkward and not in a good way... Running, sigh... we are back to that it hurts, feels really awkward, and please remind me why I do this again stage... If only I could keep consistent!

Awesome- Expanding my knowledge of design with some denim in the mix... something very exciting that I'm not sure I can share just yet but please know that I am bursting at the seams to talk about it... in due time!!! Being a Florida State Alum, I know a thing or to about die hard fans... and honestly didn't think the Brits had it in them... enter football (soccer) and they have shown me otherwise! Street art... it's no surprise but yea, it still makes me happy... and yes I will completely stop and make a b-line to take pictures... I think hubs has come to accept this fact... An American girls in London brunch date!!! We even headed to a dinner that served real pancakes and not the British kind with lemon and sugar... don't even get me started on that... Followed by some window shopping and chit cat over fro-yo... Exploring other neighborhoods in London and getting completely lost in a good way... camera out and capturing everything! Getting to play reporter at Bubble London and making some brilliant new contacts... oh and all that inspiration was just something in its self!!! Awe the running... I know, awkward but awesome... love but not so secretly hate... what can you do, sigh... Skype dates with the family... followed by snail mail from little k... I feel the love!!! Seven years... seven long, not so long feeling, happy, challenging, tough but great years... and I wouldn't change any of it!!!

***Today I am thankful for that boy with the dirty blond hair and British accent that stole my heart seven years ago... my hubs and quite a man today!!!***



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