A Week In Instagrams 6.14.12


As some of you may know, this past week I had the pleasure of hosting one of my very best friends from back home... we were roomies in NYC and even graduated from the same program in college (although we weren't friends till NYC for some odd reason)... and the last time I saw her, she was a bridesmaid at our wedding (over a year and a half ago!) Needless to say there was a ton of catching up to do! Our lives have both changed so much since our NYC days and it was fun and nice to have such a familiar face around for a bit. Oh and I also got to meet her lovely fiance (we hadn't met yet) and yes it's true, he passed the test! The wedding can now go on with my blessing ;) I got to show them my new home... the good... the British, the touristy!!!

1. rachel is visiting!!! 2. first stop, a pint 3. on a double decker 4. pub crawl continues 5. patriotism at its height 6. book fair 7. south bank skatepark 8. at magners pasture 9. daisy's 10. magners cider sampling 11. bumper car style seating 12. carousel 13. city skyline in the sun 14. the abbey 15. good old fish and chips at poppies 16. a sad man 17. scones, clotted cream, & jam at cake hole 18. i couldn't resist...

Awkward- It wasn't really awkward... maybe awkward that it wasn't awkward if that makes any sense... having Rachel here and picking up right where we had left off! Maybe that a lot of the sites here in London involved a pint... the Brits drink a lot... what can I say... again not really awkward and a little nice... Some of the drunk grown men we saw stumbling around... as early as 2pm... there was a match on so... yea... I can't really think of anything else but promise to update if I do...

Awesome- Well obviously the entire week!!! It was just like old times having my partner in crime around... both of us a little older... a little wiser... but still up to the same old shenanigans... Playing tour guide and trying to fit in a good mix of touristy and local things for us to enjoy... and a pint at a pub in between each!!! Feeling like a local and having some British pride stir within me as I showed them the hood... yep, this is home (though I'll always be American at heart!!!) Using them as an excuse to take as many stupid and touristy pictures as I want... you know, pretending that I'm a tourist too... not that being local has ever stopped me before! Speaking of using them (in a good way of course) I also got hubs to help me do a super duper deep clean... you know, for our guests... And lastly, the weather... kind of... I swear it had been typical grey rainy London weather until they arrived... magically it cleared up, warmed up a bit, and even the sun made an appearance... until the last day that is... and London was reliable again in all it's rainy glory. I was kind of relieved... like maybe they wouldn't believe all my complaining if they didn't experience it for themselves... but they did...

***Today I am thankful for Rachel... she came into my life at just the perfect time and although we are far apart, it's nice to know the friendship is still the same as ever***


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