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Have you guys checked out any of Starbuck's Pick of the Week artists? I have and that's how I discovered Gabrielle Aplin! She is another one (like Birdy) that has me pressing the repeat button over and over again. Earlier today I gave you guys a little teaser of the first song of her's I had ever heard... pure magic hu?!? A new one to add to my ever growing folk collection... sigh. Gabrielle started her musical journey on you tube (seems like everyone is these days hu?) singing covers and was instantly adored by fans world wide. Over the past few years, she has built a loyal fan base that have lovingly received both her cover versions of well known songs and her own singles. The lyrics to her song Home in particular really hit, well home (please excuse the play on words) with me. With all the moving around Ive done in the past few years, both physically and mentally, it's important to remember that home is where you decide to make it with those most important to you. Distance and physical things can be irrelevant if you chose them to be. Did I let out a big sigh of relief when I first heard this song... yes... and possibly a tear or two. Sometimes it's good to listen to words that really tug on the heart strings, you know...

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my fave 10:
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***Today I am thankful for my home... which Ive learned can be anywhere I choose it to be as long as I keep those important to me, in my heart***


  1. Ooo I love discovering new artists. Thank you for the intro! Checking her out on spotify!
    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    x, Anna

    1. Isn't it exciting to fall in love with a new artist? Sometimes the perfect song just appears in your life at the perfect moment. Hope you love her as much as I do and thanks! Enjoy the almost weekend with the family! -JB.



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