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My dear friend Kathryn just became a British citizen not too long ago. We first met at the Bunac (the program I got my student visa through) offices here in London just over five years ago. While waiting for something (I honestly don't remember, it's been so long!) we started chatting and I soon discovered the three essential things that would solidify our future friendship:

1. her name (happens to be little k's too so of course I took it as a sign!) 2. country of origin (made in the U.S.A.) and 3. also dating a Brit (now there was two of us!!!)

And that was that, I knew we just had to be friends... and so here we are today, both living in London and both happily married to our Brits! Now, while I had gone back to the states after our visas ran out, Kathryn got hitched! Taking a giant leap for American-British couples everywhere, she wed and stayed in London. After countless types of visas (they don't make it easy guys!), more money than we care to add up, and years of happy living, she has finally been granted her British citizenship!!! So naturally, I made her a celebration box... one full of all the essential things needed in order to survive as a Brit. Congrats again Kathryn... and between you and me... you'll always be American in my heart ;)

Inside the box (all British of course!):
homemade confetti from paint samples (to celebrate with!) / Green & Blacks amazing dark chocolate / vintage matches & playing cards (a rare but quirky find) / vintage queen's coronation mug (thanks hubs for this great find!!!) / Yorkshire Tea by the plenty/ Koppaberg cider (ok, not actually British but the official summer drink) / homemade Keep Calm You're British tag

The box itself is covered in strips of recent London tabloid newspapers (put together by hubs!) and displays a proud Union Jack made out of candy bars... all too appropriate I think. I added the twine touch and viola, a Congrats You Are Finally British Celebration Box!!!

***Today I am thankful for having met Kathryn... of all of my friends, she is one of the few that really understands what I have been and continue going through... thanks hun!***


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