A Week In Instagrams 6.28.12


Another Thursday! This week, month, year really is just flying by way too fast for my liking... I guess it doesn't help when the runways are showing Autumn/Winter 2012 and designers are showing their Spring/Summer 2013 collections hu? It's been awhile since Ive been in the business so it's been pretty weird getting back into the swing of things and thinking a year ahead. I find myself getting completely confused and thinking it's 2011! Anyways, Ive been working really hard, crazy hours, and all for free trying to promote my new childrenswear blog, chi.qui.ti.tos in the hopes of making some sort of splash in London's kids fashion scene. I figure maybe this will be my way in? Who knows... but if you have a second, go check out the new blog and become a follower... could really use all the support! Ah the art of self promotion via blogging, twitter, facebook, and instagram is a full time job in itself! Makes my head spin...

1. dreaming and designing denim 2. very girly needs 3. a lipstick kind of day 4. london honey from pimlico farmers market 5. organic coffee and juice date with hubs 6. little flowers 7. much deserved brunch after a run 8. berlin roomies on london streets 9. couldn't help myself at columbia road flower market 10. lovely lavender door 11. sneak peak at the nixie s/s 2013 preview 12. little rockstars at nixie 13. not so little bunny by roa 14. flowers in recycled jars 15. flirty men outside my window 16. fab abs time 17. my return to rdc 18 . a little running inspiration

Awkward- Starting to get a steady flow of invites to preview kidswear... I mean awkward in a good way of course... but I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Pretty sure that for the for first couple of minutes I look like a scared, unsure college student instead of the flourishing young journalist I'm aspiring to be... we will get there though... Wearing sticky lip gloss on a very windy day... I don't know why I even bothered removing my hair from my lips as not even two seconds later it was back there again... oh the girly woes sometimes, I tell ya! Hay fever still... it's the worst! Itchy eyes, runny nose, lung capacity of a two year old while running... ugh! Probably didn't that I ran through a park... or went to a flower market after... or brought bunches home with me... Yes, I sneezed my way through it all and even brought the enemy home with me... but it was all well worth it! Getting overly excited about seeing a collection and getting off the bus too early... so I ended up having to walk for 20 minutes... and got chatted up by some boys claiming they'd buy me a bigger ring when I politely said I was married... oh silly boys, don't you know it's not the ring that matters... Working away on my laptop at midnight and hearing a knock on my window... when I live on the fifth floor! The good news, the billboard was coming down!!! The awkward news, the men outside my window obviously... and I felt like I couldn't close the blinds because that would be rude... so I took a picture of them instead and continued to work... Running in general... still not feeling it but making myself because there are races lined up and so you know... why can't we just fall back in love?!?

Awesome- This new found passion for designing denim! I'm obsessed and quite literally keep staring people down when I see them wearing inspiring denim... I swear I'm not a creep... just trying to take a mental picture and my memory sucks so yep... it leads to a lot of inappropriate staring... Stocking up on some girly things Ive run out of and getting free samples for it! I love me some free samples!!! Finally getting some much needed local honey... I will start consuming it with everything because well one, I just love it... and two, it helps in the battle against hay fever! Luckily this year hubs will be expecting it and not think I'm pregnant when I add honey to say eggs... yep EVERYTHING!!! Meeting up with fellow running ladies for a Sunday run... and while it was hard, itchy, and not fun (the running part), meeting up was definitely the motivation I needed to jump start my training again! Thanks gals!!! And brunch and coffee after was just a bonus! Flower purchases... they just make me so happy... even despite the allergies... hubs, not so much but I did bring him home some antihistamine tablets like a considerate wifey... Meeting the team behind Nixie and seeing all of there gorgeous designs... blogging about it later... and having everyone really like my post!!! Spotting new street art... the streets of London are my new museum! The weather... I know, seriously! No I'm not being sarcastic and yes I'm still in London... oh you British summertime you... just when I have written you off completely, you go and surprise me with sunshine and warmth! Now please don't go and mess it up!!!

***Today I am thankful for the current weather... it's hot (for London), humid, sticky and I love it!!!***


Cambridge In Pictures 2...


With bulk of the graduation related events and the ceremony itself over, we got enjoy the rest of the week taking cap and gown pictures of little k (a real treat as she hates being in pictures... hence the lack of her on the blog!) and exploring the city one last time. It's hard to believe that four years have gone and passed so quickly! It seems like we just dropped little k off her freshman year in the dorms and now we were back to help her pack up! And that feeling that Ive had for the past couple of years of "oh I just graduated" is now officially over seeing as little k started college after I graduated so yea... no longer appropriate I guess. It was a little weird leaving hubs behind (in case you were wondering where he's been during all of this) and I did miss him a lot... but it was really nice to be just the four of us again... and to be a Lugo again if only just for a week!

Today I am thankful for my family... and man do I miss them dearly***


Camrbridge In Pictures 1...


Here are some long over due memories captured in photographs from my last trip over to the States... this time to Cambridge, to celebrate with little k as she graduated from college. It was a bitter-sweet reunion... I was beyond excited to reunite with little k and the parents, but knowing that this would probably be our last visit of the year (hubs & I will be staying in the UK for x-mas) made it a sad one too. So with this in mind, I didn't hold back on the picture taking! And because sometimes pictures can tell a better story than words, I will leave you to enjoy these, hopefully as much as I do!

***Today I am thankful for the chance to see little walk across the stage and receive her diploma... another first generation graduate!!!***


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