A Week In Instagrams 5.10.12


Hello people! So Ive been a little m.i.a. the past couple of weeks... all explained below. I am and have been tired... oh so tired and missing the blog world... tired and needing sleep... tired and going to bed now... zzz... zzz...

1. mexican girls night at wahaba 2. runners world & junior magazine 3. my reflection 4. imperial war museum date 5. holly burger at grand union 6. tweed men taking over the pub 7. interview in progress from the tweed run 8. the vintage emporium live jam session 9. eenie meenie miney moe happenings at mason & taylor 10. beyond retro vintage shades 11. pretty kitty at check out 12. we will rock you... period! 13. a little british pride 14. daily st. paul's cathedral view 15. lovely blossoms 16. every day we hustlin 17. celebrating my lucky hubs!!! 18. some people are gay, get over it!!!

Awkward- The last two weeks in general... where to begin... there's the waking up at an ungodly hour to join the herd of half awake, slightly grunting as they shift along, commuters... have I mentioned I'm not a morning person in the slightest?!? The fact that I am beyond tired since I haven't done the whole 9-5, mon.- fri. thing in over a year and my body is shutting down in protest (hence my disappearance from the blog world)... And the weather... it's safe to say that my wellies have been and will probably stay glued to my feet for the foreseeable future... oh London! Making over 200 calls a day... saying the same script over and over again... ain't nothing but awkward!!! Butchering British and Indian names all day long...  I mean there are so many extra letters not accounted for... I actually do a little happy dance at my desk when I manage to get a name right... which happens like once a day... twice if I'm lucky... The way my tattooed foot has slowly been healing... from extreme itchiness to weird scabbing... Ummm I make faces when on hold and move my hands to express my point... lucky for me only my co-workers can see me hu?!? The shouting, whistling, bum rearing builders working just outside my window... And the fact that I have mastered the British hi pitched "bye!" and seamlessly managed to slip in "brilliant" and "cheers" into my daily vocabulary... 

Awesome- Ladies Mexican night with delightful margaritas, great company, celebrations, and juicy gossip!!! That the term "bank holiday weekend" actually had meaning and impact in my life!!! It was my first ever since moving over and I was so excited to be able to mutter the words "thank goodness for the long weekend!" along with the masses... Going on an early (see above, not a morning person) Sunday morning run while London slept... it was beautiful and peaceful out!!! Not to mention that I felt like I had accomplished so much and all before 10am!!! The rest of Sunday's events which included a museum visit... a pub lunch... spotting some tweed wearing cyclers... a coffee and cake break with some live jams... and beer tasting with friends... phew we were sure busy!!! Vintage shopping with hubs... and finding a sweater that we both liked... and agreed to share... I'm thinking a "how she/he styles it" post int he near future!!! Seeing a friend perform in We Will Rock You... I mean he gets paid to sing... and dance!!! Need to find me a job like that!!! And celebrating with hubs as he embarks on a wonderful new journey... and continues to inspire me (as always) to keep on pushing!!!

***Today I am thankful for the jam packed bank holiday that I got to spend with hubs... memories and pictures galore!!!***


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