Happy Mother's Day!!!


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!!! I'm not one yet, but hubs and I hope to have some little Beales of our own someday... I am so curious to see what they will look like! Tanned and brown haired like me or pale and blue eyed like hubs??? British or American accents??? Will they call me mom, mum, or mami like I do with my own??? A couple of things are certain though, I will try my hardest to teach about their Spanish roots (the Spanish language included), I will love them unconditionally, I will make sure they dress cool (hey I'm a childrens wear designer so you know), and I will try to be the mother to them that my mami has been and continues being to me. With her as my role model and biggest inspiration, I hope I will be able to do as a good of a job! I mean, I think I turned out pretty good right?!? So thank-you mami for everything you have done... for being my mother and for also being my best friend!!!

***Today I am thankful for my mami... tiny and sassy and one hell of a woman!!!***


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