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When hubs and I went out venturing to find the Tweed Run, we came across the Grand Union and popped in to have a bite. Not your average British pub, this one was adorned with such an eclectic mix of vintage treasures alongside those more traditional pub furnishing. It was quite dark (in a good way) and this helped all of the gaudy accents glimmer even more! The overall atmosphere was that of a special one with just the right chilled out vibe, nothing too pretentious or too dive bar. The service was very friendly (which is hard to come by in London!) both at the bar and at the table. When it came to the food, again we were expecting more along the lines of traditional pub food... your average burger, fish and chips, or pies... instead we were pleasantly surprised with their assortment of starters, specialty burgers,  and oven made pizzas. We ordered onion rings (ok, nothing special) and fries (the skinny ones, which are the best kind!) to share, and burgers. Hubs had the fully loaded, which included mature cheddar, streaky bacon, onion rings, and bbq sauce. Now hubs is quite the foodie so not just any old burger will impress him... but this one did! I ordered the avocado and bacon, which included guacamole and streaky bacon. Man was it delicious!!! Both of our burgers came out cooked to our satisfaction, quickly, and did I mention they were huge! Overall it was a lovely experience and I am so glad we didn't write this place off based on it's pub like exterior (don't judge a book...) Looking on their website, I found there are a few locations (we went to the Keddington one) and that they stay open late on weekends offering specialty cocktails and live djs. I would definitely recommend the Grand Union and can't wait to go back for an after hours experience!

Another special thing about the Grand Union, because it was across the street from the Imperial War Museum and the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, it quickly became the unofficial pub for the tweed participants too! Somehow, all the men and women styled in their best tweeds just seamlessly fit in with the decor, making it an even more magical place to have a bite and a pint!

price: ££ average, what you would expect for a burger and pint
food:*** specialty burgers were delicious!
drinks: ** average assortment of lagers & ciders, though they do claim to do specialty cocktails
service: **** they were friendly and helpful
vibe: ***** eclectic and laid back

***Today I am thankful for all the treasures London has to offer... can't wait to explore more and share with you guys!!!***


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