A Week In Instagrams 4.19.12


Hi lovelies! Hows everything going? Good I hope!!! Well just wanted to let you guys in on a little secret... this week has officially been declared my birthday week... by me... because it's my birthday on Sunday... and I can!!! Didn't now you could do that hu? Well I did and it's official too. It's been all over Twitter... well my feed anyways. Here are a few ways the week (starting on Monday) has been special so far... 

1. free furniture... who doesn't like that?!? 2. coffee in bed made by hubs... made with love too! 3. reorganizing my career/life goals and feeling confident about it again... time to grow up! 4. reinstating the domestic goddess in the kitchen... aka my alter ego when I cook 5. booking my flight to Boston to see little k graduate... celebrating for sure 6. physio making me feel good about my running again... scheming some new running goals that may include track! 7. treating myself to a little dark chili chocolate... bitter and spicy! 

So there you go guys... and it's only Thursday so I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store. Oh and if anyone wants to send me presents, I love pink, sparkly, and diamonds... 

p.s. I live in London!

 1. happy friday indeed!!! 2. good evening camden town 3. oscar milo ladies night 4. a sushi feast at hi sushi 5. pre dinner snack at vintage emporium 6. cake doctor's lovely launch party spread 7. sunday walk home 8. my shadow knows me best 9. st. leonard's shoreditch church 10. yummy sampler at mason & taylor 11. hubs & the bright blue sofa 12. sitting in the sun 13. banned from shoe buying 14. mushroom stuffed with shepard's pie 15. giddy up coffee 16. it's coming!!! (the olympics) 17. home sweet home... less 18. shrimp quesadilla inspired by maraferreira

Awkward- Feeling surprising cheery and full of energy on Friday the 13th... I mean who said it was an unlucky anyways?!? The service at Hi Sushi... sigh, it was such a lovely ladies night... the food and atmosphere were superb... and then the waiters had to go and mess it all up... RUDE to say the least and I would add them to the boycott list if not for the fact that I haven't found many good sushi places in London yet so I'll give them another chance... but only one more! Writing a cover letter from a totally new angle... if you haven't heard yet, I'm available for work and will work for peanuts!!! The weather... omgoodness it's been nuts over here! April showers with mixed sunshine, grey skies, crazy winds, and drastic chills... Spring... are you out there?!? Moving furniture into our building... from across the street... a two-way street with lots of traffic... Rearranging our flat with our lovely new furniture thanks to hubs! Man oh man we must have tried a bunch of options (even did a paper cutout version) till we found the perfect setup... and it only took all night and caused one fight! Missing a RDC session, firstly to catch up on work and secondly because I can't run yet... sad times... Physio... but only because it was my first time... ever... and I didn't know what to expect... but it was fine =)

Awesome- The Oscar Milo ladies night reunion we had!!! It was the past, present, and future shop girls... so much was caught up on and just as much was gossiped about... all over scrumptious sushi and drinks of course... Coffee and cake dates with hubs... I have to say of all the things that have become a ritual of sorts in our marriage, I think that one is my favorite!!! Speaking of cake... the delicious cakes Cake Doctor had to offer... I tried at least five different ones and liked them all... and I don't even like cake normally! Not to mention getting to mingle with some RDC characters... The lovely walk I enjoyed on Sunday and because I was by myself, you know I stopped and took pictures of EVERYTHING!!! An improv double date that led us from pub to pub... great conversation to more great conversation... perfect all in all... Our new set up!!! The flat looks cozier and homier than ever and I just have to snap away so you guys can see... maybe I'll make it it's own post... Oh and added bonus, we got the new stuff for free!!! Who doesn't love free stuff?!? The new graffiti spotted around the hood... always brings a smile to my face... Physio (I know I also said it was awkward) because now I actually know what's wrong with my foot and what to do to improve it... to prevent injuries in the future... and when I can (roughly) run again!!! So it turns out I have weak calves... And officially declaring this week MY BIRTHDAY WEEK because it's MY BIRTHDAY on SUNDAY and so I can... and because I'M AWESOME!!!

***Today I am thankful for physio... man what wonders a little sports massage and exercise can make... I'll be running stronger in no time!!!***


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