A Week In Instagrams 4.13.12


I know I owe you guys a Berlin Race recap... and it has been in the works for about two weeks now! Ive got the pictures picked out and the layout ready to go and then I go to write and... well to say I get overwhelmed each time is an understatement. The thing is that the whole Berlin, Run Dem Crew, race, trip, etc. has been one of the best experiences in my life! And easily a highlight of life since moving over to London. So the post will come people... just be patient and somehow I'll find the words to express with you every last detail. For now enjoy the picture recap (because editing that was sooo much easier!) and enjoy my lovely week in instagrams below.

1. welcome to the family berlin medal!!! 2. rdc youngers 2012 photoshoot 3. mentors & youngers 4. my mentor stride 5. youngers on set 6. personal bio pictures 7. bus bound home for easter 8. lilly is sick!!! 9. oh dear ive caught it!!! 10. at the elm tree 11. the beale siblings 12. the non beales 13. successful easter egghunt 14. rosie & daddy in pink 15. it's the little details 16. walk in the rain 17. why hello there duckies! 18. domestic goddess is back!!!

Awkward- Forcing myself to rest and not run after Berlin... running on an injured foot, not the smartest but had to be done! Continuing to run on an injured foot post race, well that would be silly of me wouldn't it?!? Seeing how many medals Ive acquired... well not really awkward at all and pretty amazing except I can't help but think "I ran all these??? Me??? Who am I???" If you knew me back when, you'd understand... I hate(d) running... Seeing my face in the mirror after the makeup artist went to town on me for the shoot... looks natural in pictures but in person it was enough makeup for a week! Even more so was going to the pub with hubs after... with all the makeup still on... and in my running gear... I mean who seriously goes to the pub after a run?!? Oh and the fact that I am such a light weight (again) after not drinking during training months... That moment when my niece refers to hubs as "Jackie's friend"... when she's more related to him than me (secretly love it though!)... Sticking written on napkin pieces on our foreheads... with beer... at the pub... That feeling you get after having devoured your entire body wait and then some in Easter chocolates... Oh and the post race blues... seriously it's a real condition...

Awesome- That I can pretend to be Flavor Flav or Mr. T with all my medals around my neck while prancing around the flat saying things like "I pity the fool that has less medals than me"... but truth be told, I might have developed a slight medal addiction!!! The opportunity to be a mentor in the RDC Youngers program... I mean, me... mentoring... and on running of all subjects... the day has come when I must embrace my inner runner and help lead the way!!! That the youngers said I look like a runner... RDC, Nike, and RWD for making this project filled with running, photo shoots, writing, creativity, and growth possible!!! Easter weekend at the Beales with almost the whole family (minus James)... speaking of awesome, James cycling across the UK with End to End for charity is beyond amazing!!! Playing with my lovely nieces that are growing up way faster than I'd like... but then there's always chance of another one right Jess?!? The traditional Beale Easter egg hunt in the back garden... these guys take it pretty serious with some of their hiding spots! Rainy walks and chats with hubs... especially when we huddled under a very fuchsia umbrella... followed by spur of the moment style shoots... Baileys in my coffee... cause who needs flavoring or sugar really... The races Ive got planned for the upcoming months leading up for yet another half... I know!   

***Today I am thankful for long bank holiday weekends... not for me but hubs which I get to spend more time with because of***


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