Happy 27 Years Of Life!!!


Hello, hello love bugs! So my birthday week (yep I insisted on a week this yr!) came and went... and Ive been doing a lot of soul searching, figuring out ways to be a wiser and a better self... with another year comes new responsibilities right? Been laying low and planning things out for myself... life, career, goals, running/fitness, etc... but I'm back and extra eager to share my birthday festivities!!! For those of you that don't know, I am a designer and obsessed with buttons!!! I made this really cool corset for my senior collection that was sheer and was completely covered in hand sewn buttons, covering the ta-tas and then trickling down... a time consuming and heavy masterpiece if I say so myself! Another fun fact about me... I like the idea of discreet, slightly hidden tattoos for me. For my 24th birthday I got a tiny dress form behind my left ear. And so after years of yearning and trying to convince hubs (he's not too keen on tats), the sweetheart surprised me with my button tattoos as my gift... best gift ever by the way!!!

I had it all planned out... I knew exactly the style and where I wanted them... it had just been a matter of doing it! We headed to Prick, where the lovely Adam and I exchanged ideas and thoughts. To anyone looking to get some tattoos done in London, I would highly recommend this place! A lovely hidden shop with some of the best artists Ive seen and great customer service. Adam and I struggled on placement a bit and played around with a lot of options (thanks for being so patient!) but I figured if there was ever a time to be picky, now was it! Once that was figured out, the pain began... and I mean pain like Ive never felt before! I had heard the foot was a painful spot because of all the bony areas but omgoodness... by far the most painful out of my other two. There were two levels of pain... just about bearable... and then as soon as I was getting used to it, he would start a different area and the pain level was kicked up a few notches! I remember silently thinking to myself "you can handle the pain, you ran a half marathon when you couldn't even do a mile in the past... and you want to run a marathon in the future so suck it up!" Just gotta be a little hard on myself sometimes ;)

After all that was done, I hobbled out of there with hubs and continued celebrating. We met up with friends in Camden that had thrown together a surprise little shing ding for me!!! In hind sight, maybe tattooing my foot on the same day that we had planned to salsa dance into the wee hours wasn't the best of ideas, but that didn't stop me! At The Cuban, we drank some delicious cocktails and I danced to the music of my Abuelo's roots. It was perfect! Everyone was really impressed with hub's dance moves too, and by the way he was teaching the other guys, you would have thought he was a pro! True, he did pick up some Latin dance moves back home this past xmas, and the boy has got some serious rhythm for a white boy! I remember my mom saying "he can roll his r's and move to a beat, he could have been Hispanic in another life". And if all this wasn't enough, I got some pretty amazing gifts, cards, emails, calls, tweets, and facebook messages... definitely felt the love from all over the world!!! So here's to another year... I am feeling unusually optimistic about the future (truth be told, I had originally planned to turn 25 for the rest of my life) and have realized I need to take control and make things happen for myself!!!

***Today I am thankful for such a great hubs, family, and friends that truly made my birthday feel special... I felt the love from near and far!!!***



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