Greene King IPA Crafted For The Moment...


my styled look for the ad with fake glasses...

Some of you guys may know this... some of you may not... but hubs works in advertising. What this means for me you may be asking? It means I should add being an "extra" on my resume. Remember back last September I shared with you guys my adventures on the Clover Ad set? Well now you can see the final ad (hub's mom is in a peach top reaching for a crumpet!) So I had made it all the way to the final cut when the clients decided to take me out as I was "too pretty and not believable"... can you believe that?!? I mean I am a real person, I'm not a model, and I do eat butter... I was left speechless the way only a backhanded compliment can do. So it seems I'm more believable as a beer drinker and I think I like that better anyways! You can spot hubs and I kissing in the new Greene King IPA ad and if you pay really good attention, other snippets of us throughout. So about the kiss... well let me just say it's really awkward to kiss... over and over again... on demand... without drinking (did I mention all the "props" were non alcoholic!!!)... while everyone is watching... camera men and directors in your space... and me not being able to stop laughing. Yea, I'm pretty relieved that the final shot looks natural and real. Oh and Ive got a little secret... I have footage of a version that didn't air with me chugging my beer in the end but not sure if I'm allowed to release it... will find out since I don't want to get anyone in trouble... and if I'm cleared, you guys will get to see an exclusive one!

***Today I am thankful for the stylist that took one glance at me and said "perfect" as she placed these large tortoise shell glasses on my face... it was the last sign I needed to take the plunge in buying some over sized glasses***


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