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Always on the hunt for inspiration in one form or another, I literally stopped in my tracks when I came across these dreamy pictures!!! Just the perfect sort of visuals for this grey and gloomy, rainy London day. I really love how colorful while still subdued Amanda Pratt's first images are. They really do remind me of the bubbles and rainbows. The last couple of images have a more rich, saturated feel to them while still being fairly muted. Basically I couldn't get enough and just ended up scrolling through her entire portfolio... possibly pinning way too much... but all in the name of sharing! An added bonus, she does children photography too!!! Check out my favorite eye candies on my other blog, chi.qui.ti.tos but beware... there is an overload of cuteness going on over there!!!

***Today I am thankful for such great inspirations such as these lovely images... take that rainy day blues***


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