DIY: Cookie Cutter...


Tools: disposable baking tray, ruler, scissors, & a permanent marker

  1. Gather tools needed. Note that the thicker the tray, the sturdier the cookie cutter will come out but also the harder it will be to cut.
  2. Using your ruler, draw a 1" strip on the tray. Depending on what shape you are planning on making, you may have to join together strips by stapling them.
  3. Once you have cut out strip (I cut just inside the lines to avoid getting any marker on my cookie cutter) it's time start sculpting! Feel free to use the ruler or any other surfaces to help you achieve the shapes and angles you need. Another great tip is having a life size print out of the shape you want to loosely mold around.
  4. After you have completed making your shape, go back and smooth out any kinks and make edges as smooth as possible. The close your cookie cutter up I used another thin strip to warp around the two end pieces. You can also opt to staple the overlapping bits. Now it's cookie cutting time!!!
***Today I am thankful for Run Dem Crew's fun little mascot... he was a tricky one to make but well worth it!!!***


  1. You forgot step 1: Get a husband who will do it all for you.

    1. @ben Tis true, hubs did help make it... under my creative direction ;) -JB.



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