Recipe: Colored Sugar...


Tools: white sugar, food coloring, bowl, & fork

  1. Gather tools needed. You can use any size granule sugar but white sugar will soak up the color the best. You can probably substitute the liquid food coloring for gel but you'd have to experiment with it.
  2. Start by squeezing 10 drops of color into the sugar. Using a fork, brake down the little color beads and mix well into the sugar. Continue adding drops 10 at a time to gradually build up on color. Make sure you are mixing well in between.
  3. For more specific colors (for design nuts like me!) try blending together two or more colors to create unique ones. For my yellow (inspired by my Run Dem Crew little man) I used 40 yellow drops and 10 red drops. The amount may vary depending on the amount of sugar you will need too.
  4. Continue braking down color beads, mixing well, and adding color as needed. A little tip, if you accidentally go to dark, you can just add more sugar and ta-da, it's lighter again! Once you have achieved the color you want, let the sugar air dry for at least a couple of hours before using it. You can also store left over sugar in an airtight container for later uses!
***Today I am thankful for food coloring... with my imagination and creativity, the sky is the limit***


  1. Wow! great DIY!

    1. @loveherb So easy isn't it? Glad you liked it! -JB.



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