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So it's no secret... I seriously heart Coachella... and thanks to the wonderful powers that is the blogging world, twitter, and instagram, I feel like Ive been able to enjoy it all the way from London!!! Well not quiet the same as actually being there but you know, certainly the next best thing. I mean talk about non stop greatness overflowing all of my social media feeds... everything from dreamy music, hippie style fashions, and yummy celebs... cause who doesn't like spying on celebs! It has been some serious stimulation overload... in a good way! Seeing some of my favorite artists on the line up sheet has convinced me to add a music festival of some sort (preferably Coachella) to my list of 30 before 30. But for today... I close my eyes to the grey rains and hail outside... listen to my Coachella inspired playlist... and imagine myself somewhere far, far away... dressed cutely and soaking up some serious sun... you can join me too!

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my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful for music... cliche I know but I just couldn't live without it***


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