A Week In Instagrams 3.22.12


Thursday... Thursday... today is Thursday... tomorrow will be Friday and then it will be oh happy weekend!!! Here is a recap of this past week in instagrams... yep I am obsessed!!! The week included spending time with some of my favorite people ever... including little k all the way from across the pond... I am so lucky!

1. neon fish at the london aquarium 2. that's three south banks mr. bartender 3. tapas at las iguanas 4. parliament & big ben 5. little k & big j 6. couldn't decide what color... so i did both! 7. arm party 8. lodon pride on st. patty's day!!! 9. hubs being a goof 10. a yummy & healthy breakfast 11. snacky snack 12. domestic goddess wins again! 12. a little inspiration for my running 13. unveiling of new run dem crew signs 14. just a tuesday night 16. avocado bites 17. late night snack 18. a freshly made bed makes me happy!

Awkward- Realizing that we had seen one of the main large tanks of fish from every possible angle and floor level at the aquarium... hmmm is that the same turtle? And I'm sure those fish look incredibly familiar... Sneaky of them building a whole exhibit that revolves around the same tank and thinking no one would notice! Arriving nearly at closing time (starving and a little bit tipsy) for dinner and then ordering a feast worth of stuff, desert included, before the kitchen closed... and eating all of it!!! Roaming around through London with little k in search for Faberge eggs is kind of awkward... ah who am I kidding it was AMAZING!!! Starting my running back up after my slight snowboarding injury... it was beyond awkward and not so fun but hey, I have a half marathon in less than two weeks so...

Awesome- little k showing up at door step... unannounced... and visiting for a whole week!!! Really I could just stop at that but everything we did while she was here was freaking AWESOME!!! The numerous non touristy-touristy things we did together... oh and the sight seeing, afternoon drinks, and cheeky snacking... Being assumed we were Spanish by some guys... it just never happens people... apparently little k gets the "are you Indian?" thing all the time too! Watching the England vs Ireland rugby game on St. Patrick's Day while sipping on a London Pride Ale... oh and England winning! The amazing meals and snacks I whipped up after being out of practice from our holiday trip... let's just say I had lost inspiration but thanks to the internet and pinterest, the domestic goddess is back! Running with the crew again... less painful in a group and such energy to feed off of! And lastly, clean linen on a freshly made bed, just because...

***Today I am thankful for my rekindled affair with designing... and cooking... and running***


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