A Week In Instagrams 3.29.12


The sun has been shining and going strong for about two weeks over here in London town... and the billboard that usually blocks my window has been down for over two months now too!! To say that I am excited about both is an understatement... and I was holding my breath for awhile there, not expecting either to last long really... I know, so negative Nancy of me! But I'm hoping that maybe London is trying to make amends with me for last years lack of spring/summer... maybe. Either way, for now I'll enjoy and absorb as much sunshine as humanly possible... smile into the sun as I sip on my ice lattes... and maybe even be daring enough to show some bare legs in the near future! The sun makes me do some crazy things guys... just warning you all! Well I'm off to Berlin this weekend for my long awaited  half marathon and couldn't be more excited!!! I'll keep you guys updated via twitter and instagram and expect a full race report on my return... oh happy times!

 1. parliament & big ben serving as my mile four marker 2. plasters & lucazade sport for race day 3. first iced coffee of the year!!! 4. florals & bright colors for spring 5. picnic in the park day 6.pretty moccasins 7. hombre graffiti 8. i spy hubs 9. weeping willow 10. cherry blossom in bloom 11. time for change 12. run dem crew pre berlin 13. peigh raps for us 14. new season top & berlin goodies 15. yellow sugar 16. running man cookie cutter 17. icing my injured foot 18. let the packing begin!!!

Awkward- Trying to make eye contact and smiling in encouragement to fellow runners as we passed each other and getting a lot of blank stares in response... mainly from the men... I mean, what is that about fellows?!? The amount of band aids I am managing to go through... for running and non running purposes alike... why am I so accident prone lately? The amount of blindingly white skin that was exposed this past weekend due to the warmth... sorry topless British men but maybe you should consider sunless tanning or handing out shades... or maybe both because what I saw just wasn't pretty!!! Running along the same path on the Thames river about four times in order to get the ten miles in and seeing the same runners and tourists over and over and over again... I always wonder what they think when they see me or if they even recognize me... The ache in my right foot's arch that I am not too thrilled about, especially this close to my race... I will ice and will it away... and walk only when absolutely necessary, like to the bathroom and such... Cutting myself with a cookie cutter... there just are no words... How some parts of my feet were not fazed at all by the level of cold I exposed them too while other parts could not handle it all...

Awesome- The smiles I did manage to get out of some runners which literally served as an injection of adrenaline for me... so now I'm hooked and trying to get as many smiles as possible!!! Running past a group of school kids that all stuck out there little hands for me to high five... oh and did I mention they made the sweetest little "woooo" noise too?!? My heart skipped a beat and suddenly I felt soooo much lighter on my feet!!! That first sip of iced coffee that lets me know that spring has officially arrived... slurp... Warm enough days (for London) that sitting outside in the park is now an option... and sit we did my friends, sit we did! Everywhere I look nature is in bloom!!! Flowers everywhere, birds are chirping, and people are nicer... what a difference a little sunshine can make! Pushing myself to complete my ten miler (by whatever means, running or walking) before Berlin... and actually running the whole of it!!! The vibe at RDC's last session before we tackle Berlin... I am becoming such an adrenaline and energy junkie, wish I could bottle up that feeling for desperate times! Proudly owning my first RDC running top... along with stickers to post up around Berlin, some badges, and a temporary tattoo of course! Successfully making colored sugar on my first attempt... Ive got a little treat up my sleeve for my fellow RDC team... you'll see! And let's not forget the truly amazing cookie cutter hubs helped me make... such a keeper that one!!!

***Today I am thankful for my first trip solo since marrying and moving over here... a little nervous and excited but couldn't be happier because it's with Run Dem Crew!!!***


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