She Snowboards!!!


Hello hello! So I may have disappeared for a bit... but with very good reason! What with hubs celebrating another year of life, some other unexpected (good) things, and a snowboarding trip, can you blame me? Not to mention the day or two of recovery that my body has required... I feel like I need a leisurely holiday to recuperate from my holiday... oh if only. And I know it's not quite Thursday, but I really wanted to share my trip with you all and it was just so full of awkward and awesome moments that this was really the best way fill you in... so enjoy!

Awkward- Taking a train to the airport (in London) to then take a plane to Switzerland (their airport looks just like ours!) to then take a bus to France and all for the sake of snowboarding... Meeting and greeting friends of friends once we had all arrived (wait for it) and being so overly happy that I hugged and cheek kissed them all (wait for it) and then realized I had hugged and cheek kissed one of the girls that would actually be cooking our meals and cleaning the chalet... my she must have thought us Americans are really friendly!!! My over excitement (inwardly of course) to all the new surroundings... I'm talking more snow than I could have ever imagined... mountains, wooden houses, and big old pine trees!!! But I played it cool, little Floridian that I am... OMG IS THAT A SNOWMAN?!?! The fact that the first time my tush hit the floor it wasn't even on snow... I was all "we're going snowboarding!!!" instead of paying attention to the stairs and slipped on my salopettes... I mean that pretty much sums up me and the rest of the trip... So me... on a snowboard... on a sloping mountain... Let's just take a second to picture that shall we... The first time I fell over (on snow) and tried to get back up... only to realize that my legs were still attached to the board... which I had forgotten all about... and how I tried to maneuver a way to flip myself and board back over... extremely ungracefully I might add... but I did become an export by the end of the week... quick as a cat! The bruises upon bruises, bumps, and soreness in parts of my body I didn't even know could get sore (I'm talking finger muscles here!) and still getting up (sort of) day after day to do it all again... a bit masochist hu? Getting drunk really quickly because of the high altitude... I mean I am quite small and a bit of a light weight but one beer... common! Getting off of, or rather falling out of the lifts... and one time managing to tangle myself up with a skier... sorry my board is your face and yes I'm still attached to it...

Awesome- The entire trip... I mean seriously... where to even begin... Feeling really cool walking around all geared up and carrying my board... yep that's right, I snow board!!! The fact that by the end of the trip I was actually able to not just stand up right... on a moving board... but was able to do turns and go for distances without falling!!! Chanting "I'm a big brave dog" (Rugrats reference) over and over in my head and it working...That falling became so normal (hello again snow) that I stopped being scared of it by day one and was actually able to enjoy the bits of speed I caught... Oh and that my pain threshold had gone up and I was able to function under what became tolerable aches and pains... you know the normal. The view from just about everywhere!!! And enjoying said lovely views with a pint... and some champagne on the last day... Everyone I met on the trip... we all just became one big happy family!!! The times I nailed my S curve down the mountain in somewhat fluid motions... before falling over again. When I was able to imitate about 90% of what hubs was doing and roughly go in the direction I was intending to go!!! The little town in general... reminded me of Disney only with real snow... and real mountains... and real tress... and, well you get the picture. The breakfast, mid-day cake and coffee breaks, and three course meals provided for us by the chalet girls... man I sure could get used to that... now how to ask them if they want to move in with hubs and I... NOT BREAKING ANY LIMBS!!! Knowing that even though I am not in the least bit athletic, I somehow managed to skip all of the easier sports throughout life, and went straight for snowboarding... quick let's jump out of a plane next! Going out for dinner one night (everyone needs a night off) and being served half a wheel of melting cheese and an unlimited platter of raw meats to share between hubs and I... did I die on the slopes and go to heaven?!? Hearing that every snowboarder gets better with each trip, even with just yearly trips and knowing this will be an annual trip for hubs and I!!!

***Today I am thankful for this amazing holiday hubs and I were able to take... I can honestly say I have never challenged myself more both physically and mentally***


  1. hey doll! i saw you over on a friends page and wanted to say i love your blog! all those photos make me want to instantly go on a road trip with the hubby! always so magical and so much fun. looks like you had a FANTASTIC time! jealous!

    anyway! i'm happy to now be your newest follower!
    would be delighted if you could follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

    1. @JASMINE Hi there and thanks! Awe you should go travel together as often as you can... the memories are priceless! We had such an amazing time and I'm already looking forward to going back next year! Thanks for following and excited to check out your blog! -JB.

  2. WOW!!!! Those cloud photos are spectacular!! :)

    1. @Melissa Blake Aren't they?!? I find myself memorized by clouds and always taking pictures of them. I wonder what people think when they walk by and see me in complete oblivion with my camera pointed upwards... oh well! -JB.

  3. Totally jealous you got to snowboard!
    Looks like such a fun time Jackie!
    :) Happy weekend,

    1. @Anna @ IHOD Don't be jealous, do it! Take a trip with the hubby and kids! Snowboarding and the trip in general was so much fun, would definitely recommend it! -JB.

      P.S. little kid snowboarders are the cutest and it's never too early to learn ;)



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