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I'm back!!! Where did I disappear off to this time... hmmm well I wasn't still fully recuperated from our snowboarding trip two weeks ago (aka major procrastinating on my behalf) and then as I was buckling down to work... little k knocked on my door! Literally... over here in London... unexpectedly... and I closed it on her in shock (no worries, I let her in after a second). So guess who decided to surprise her big sis during her spring break and sneakily planned the whole thing with hubs... yep my ninja sister! Man can those two keep a secret... I am extremely impressed! Naturally I went off the radar again and indulged in some much needed sister time...  and when I was needing it the most (it's like she sensed it from across the pond!) So much non stop fun, exploring for Easter eggs, doing non touristy touristy stuff, eating, and drinking... but I'm back now and more excited than ever!!!

Tuesday Tunes... man it's been awhile hu? The Knife,  a favorite old gem of mine, seems like the perfect thing to share with you all for two reasons: 1. They are so infectiously happy and keep me working hard all day long and 2. the fifth song on the playlist (Pass This On) reminds me of little k. Why you are wondering (or maybe not but I'll tell you anyways), because I asked her once what she imagined when she heard the chorus play and she responded with "dancing Siamese cats"... which weirdly enough is the exact same thing I ALWAYS picture in my head when I hear it! A fun sister fact: we think really randomly and almost identically and you will surely be beaten if up against us in any form of pictionary, taboo, or charades... so bring it! Anyways, about the band, they are a pair of Swedish siblings (how appropriate!) that found their way into my playlist and have made a nice little niche for themselves in the electric-pop genre. Their techno infused beats and eclectic sound always bring a smile to my face. It's just so hard to be grumpy when they come on... try it, I dare ya!

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my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful for many things, but above all else, that I got to spend the last week with the most amazing sister (don't worry I only have one) ever... thanks for making me smile little k!!!***


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