February 2012 In Photos...


Jumping on the band wagon, I couldn't resist but take part in this little photo-a-day challenge that was going around on instagram! I have a very hard time finishing things and although I start them with such good intentions, even fun ones like these are sometimes left half way... which is why I am very proud of myself for actually finishing it!!! Yay me and don't mind as I pat my own back ;) Here I show you February in daily photos... and sure it was a short month... but baby steps people... baby steps!

1.my view (from behind the billboard 2. words 3. my hand 4. strangers 5. 10am 6. dinner (for two)
 7. buttons 8. the sun (only kind in London) 9. my front door 10. self portrait (no makeup day!) 
11. something that makes me happy (hubs) 12. my closet (is a rolling rack) 13. blue 14. a heart (happy v.day!)
15. a phone 16. something new (grandpa cardi) 17. time 18. a drink 19. something that I (used to) hate doing 20. handwriting 21. fave photo of me (before the wedding!) 22. where I work 23. my shoes
24. inside my bathroom cabinet (which I don't have) 25. green (my scarf) 26. night (in France) 27. something I ate 28. money 29. something I'm listening to  (the fire crackle on leap day)

***Today I am thankful for these great little photo reminders of what a great month it was... thanks February!!!***


  1. Looks like a wonderful month and a wonderful life! Just came across your lovely blog :)

    1. @Shannon February was a pretty great month =) Hope you enjoy the blog! -JB.



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