Fly Away...


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I'm on my way to catch a jet plane... to fly away to Berlin... to run another half marathon... to see a city Ive never seen before... I'm on my way to catch a jet plane...

***Today I am thankful that I am able to embark on this little journey... and my first solo trip since becoming a mrs. too!***


A Week In Instagrams 3.29.12


The sun has been shining and going strong for about two weeks over here in London town... and the billboard that usually blocks my window has been down for over two months now too!! To say that I am excited about both is an understatement... and I was holding my breath for awhile there, not expecting either to last long really... I know, so negative Nancy of me! But I'm hoping that maybe London is trying to make amends with me for last years lack of spring/summer... maybe. Either way, for now I'll enjoy and absorb as much sunshine as humanly possible... smile into the sun as I sip on my ice lattes... and maybe even be daring enough to show some bare legs in the near future! The sun makes me do some crazy things guys... just warning you all! Well I'm off to Berlin this weekend for my long awaited  half marathon and couldn't be more excited!!! I'll keep you guys updated via twitter and instagram and expect a full race report on my return... oh happy times!

 1. parliament & big ben serving as my mile four marker 2. plasters & lucazade sport for race day 3. first iced coffee of the year!!! 4. florals & bright colors for spring 5. picnic in the park day 6.pretty moccasins 7. hombre graffiti 8. i spy hubs 9. weeping willow 10. cherry blossom in bloom 11. time for change 12. run dem crew pre berlin 13. peigh raps for us 14. new season top & berlin goodies 15. yellow sugar 16. running man cookie cutter 17. icing my injured foot 18. let the packing begin!!!

Awkward- Trying to make eye contact and smiling in encouragement to fellow runners as we passed each other and getting a lot of blank stares in response... mainly from the men... I mean, what is that about fellows?!? The amount of band aids I am managing to go through... for running and non running purposes alike... why am I so accident prone lately? The amount of blindingly white skin that was exposed this past weekend due to the warmth... sorry topless British men but maybe you should consider sunless tanning or handing out shades... or maybe both because what I saw just wasn't pretty!!! Running along the same path on the Thames river about four times in order to get the ten miles in and seeing the same runners and tourists over and over and over again... I always wonder what they think when they see me or if they even recognize me... The ache in my right foot's arch that I am not too thrilled about, especially this close to my race... I will ice and will it away... and walk only when absolutely necessary, like to the bathroom and such... Cutting myself with a cookie cutter... there just are no words... How some parts of my feet were not fazed at all by the level of cold I exposed them too while other parts could not handle it all...

Awesome- The smiles I did manage to get out of some runners which literally served as an injection of adrenaline for me... so now I'm hooked and trying to get as many smiles as possible!!! Running past a group of school kids that all stuck out there little hands for me to high five... oh and did I mention they made the sweetest little "woooo" noise too?!? My heart skipped a beat and suddenly I felt soooo much lighter on my feet!!! That first sip of iced coffee that lets me know that spring has officially arrived... slurp... Warm enough days (for London) that sitting outside in the park is now an option... and sit we did my friends, sit we did! Everywhere I look nature is in bloom!!! Flowers everywhere, birds are chirping, and people are nicer... what a difference a little sunshine can make! Pushing myself to complete my ten miler (by whatever means, running or walking) before Berlin... and actually running the whole of it!!! The vibe at RDC's last session before we tackle Berlin... I am becoming such an adrenaline and energy junkie, wish I could bottle up that feeling for desperate times! Proudly owning my first RDC running top... along with stickers to post up around Berlin, some badges, and a temporary tattoo of course! Successfully making colored sugar on my first attempt... Ive got a little treat up my sleeve for my fellow RDC team... you'll see! And let's not forget the truly amazing cookie cutter hubs helped me make... such a keeper that one!!!

***Today I am thankful for my first trip solo since marrying and moving over here... a little nervous and excited but couldn't be happier because it's with Run Dem Crew!!!***


Pinterest Addict...


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Ok... I'm just going to come out and say it... I am a Pinterest addict!!! And I'm kinda happy about it too! For those of you that have been living under a rock, (seriously, I say it with love but come on...) it is probably one of the hottest new (not so new anymore) social media sites out there. The concept is that you are able to create giant and endless inspiration boards of whatever your choosing by "pinning" items from around the web... kind of like bookmarking but much cooler. I mean what's not to love? Organization... check! Major eye candy... check! Link ups to Facebook and Twitter... check! Feeling like you are purchasing items you can't afford... check! And the best part, you can follow other people's broads so the constant flood of inspiration is non stop... and sometimes slightly overwhelming, but only in a good way.

***Today I am thankful for Pinterest... like you didn't see that one coming!***


Happy Birthday London...


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A couple of weeks ago, March 11th to be exact, marked my one year anniversary since I packed up my life, said goodbye to the States, and moved to London with hubs. I have been struggling with how to write this post, and there have been many versions of it, but I felt this was the most honest one. Although I do not regret my decision in moving in the least bit, it has been a trying journey for me. That one year mark has stirred up a lot of complicated emotions within me and Ive realized I'm still not really sure how I feel about London. The combination of our first year of marriage and (for me) relocating to another country with no job or family/friend support has been tough! The past year has been filled with as many highs as there have been lows, and I have strived my hardest to always focus on the positive, though it has not been any easy task. A year later, I have discovered in me things I never knew... some good and some I don't like too much but am working on fixing. Hubs has been more amazing than I could have ever asked for and has tried his hardest to make this transition for me as seamless as possible... but the truth is, at times I have never felt more lost. I try to keep things as light as possible here on the blog, not to fool anyone, but to keep myself in a happy state of mind and from dwelling on the negative. At my lowest points, reading comments from strangers on how positive and inspirational my blog/life seems has really helped lift my spirits back up. So thank you for taking the time to comment, it has meant more than you can imagine.

I guess part of me naively expected this all to be a walk in the park. As someone who has always been an ambitious individual, there have been times throughout this past year where I have just wanted to give up... overwhelmed with sadness, all I could think of doing was hiding in bed. For the longest time, I couldn't even pin point what exactly was going on or why I felt so far removed from my former self. I remember feeling awkward even around good friends and having conversation be such an effort. All I knew was that I felt unexplainably sad, would cry for no reason, and felt defeated by the job situation so I just assumed this was who I was now. When I wasn't sad, I would be filled with anger towards myself for wallowing in self pity when I knew others had it far worse than me. The internal struggle between my old self, the one that knew only I could change things, and my new self that wanted to curl up in a ball and cry at the thought of doing anything, drove me insane. But probably the hardest was when I felt nothing at all, just empty. These severe mood swings left me feeling crazy and exhausted. The fact that at some points I could barely talk about what was happening with hubs without bursting into tears didn't help either. I figured he would soon tire of this and leave me since I no longer was the happy and independent girl he had married. I felt like a sad whimpering shell of my old secure and confident self. But hubs remained patient and reassured me that we would get through this. After painfully (on my end) and extensively talking about everything, we realized that I was experiencing waves of depression and anxiety attacks. Everything could be traced back to when I moved and then it became so obvious that the weight of the stress was behind it all. I remember feeling so relieved when I was finally able to put a label on it, like I was reassured I wasn't going crazy and there was still some hope.

The odd thing about this all is that no one ever suspected. I did my best to keep up happy appearances or just stayed in when I wasn't feeling strong enough to face people. And I wasn't depressed all the time so there were moments when I could genuinely feel and act happy. Not wanting to worry my parents, I didn't even mention much of it to them either. Even now I'm not sure if I should be sharing so much... but I know I am strong enough now to write about it and so I share in hopes that others that relate might not feel as alone as I did. While I'm not magically all better, it has been a long process of which I am recently seeing progress in. Being able to recognize what was going on really helped me. It is ok to acknowledge when I am feeling sad and it helps knowing that it will pass. That if I feel like I need to cry, then it is ok to let myself. Giving myself time to let my emotions run their course has allowed me to understand that it isn't worth getting frustrated with myself over something I can't control anyways. Finding things to loose myself in that don't require much from me when I am feeling down like running and drawing have become outlets for me. Engaging in things like taking pictures of the beauty that surrounds us, stating something I am thankful for each day, and congratulating myself when I accomplish even the tiniest of goals has helped too. With each passing day, I am getting stronger and closer to feeling like my old self again. And if this has taught me anything, it is to treat everyone with the same kindness you would want for yourself because you never know what someone else may be dealing with beneath the surface.

8 Great Things About London:

-There is a plethora of outdoor markets... for just about anything you can think of!!! You can easily spend the weekends just walking around from market to market eying up the goodies of your choosing. The Columbia Road Flower Market followed by coffee and scones is our now our Sunday date routine!!!

-The drinking culture here!!! It is so socially acceptable and in most cases almost standard that a pint is involved in whatever the plans may be... and I thought we drank a lot in NYC, but here there really is no inappropriate time to drink...

-Walking around the city and being exposed to a constant stream of the best graffiti art I have ever seen! Bold and in your face in some areas... hidden in alley ways and little nooks in others... it is everywhere and I love the thrill of discovering new artists... can't get enough of it!!!

-Discovering Run Dem Crew and taking the leap in joining... all by myself... and claiming it as the first thing I did on my own to make London feel more like home! Through them I have I had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people and seen much more of the city through our runs... thanks Charlie!!!

-Free. Birth. Control... need I say more really? No but on a serious note, the NHS health care in general (once it was all set up) has been truly amazing! And did you all know that maternity leave over here is up to a year, six months paid?!? Hmmm so babies... ;)

-That the buildings and architecture all have so much character and you can easily see a vast variety... from truly old (like before America even existed!) to modern sky scrapers right next to each other... and getting lost on walks, turning a corner and discovering something reminiscent an old movie set... only in London!

-While the Brits might not be known for their cuisine, can I just say thank you for the following: all kinds of meat pies, scones, crumpets, fish and chips, English roasts, full English breakfasts, ales, lagers, cider, and curry (though technically not originally British, has been voted England's most popular dish)...

-The sense of fashion is comparable to that of NYC!!! The wide range of street style has made people watching that much more fun! People never dress dull and you are always exposed to inspiration, whatever your personal style... every day is a fashion show!!! And did I mention the same goes for children's fashion?!? Now just HAVE to get a job in the industry...

8 Annoying Things About London:

-How difficult it was to set up anything here... so I need a home address and a bill in my name to open up a back account... but have no credit history and no bank account so I can't be on the lease or bills... and it means nothing that my husband is a born UK citizen... it was such an endless circle I cant even remember how I managed to get it all sorted!

-Waiting around for hours on end... days on end even for the internet, electric, and water people to come and set up things... only to have no one show up or know what I'm talking about when I call to complain... The lack of inefficiency and indifference by some companies (I'm looking at you Virgin!) was seriously infuriating!!!

-The complete lack of awareness when it comes to personal space and what seems like total obliviousness when roaming the sidewalks... I'm talking if you see me coming, and yes I know I'm little, it's not ok to walk into me!

-Being mistaken repeatedly for Indian... by both Indian and non Indian alike... and not being understood when I explain my origins are Hispanic, as in I speak Spanish and my parents are from Cuba and Peru... not that I was all in your face about my roots to begin with but to say I feel like Ive lost my complete identity is an understatement!

-How it seems that Everyone. Here. Smokes... You can't turn a corner without taking in a lung full of second hand smoke! And because smoking has been banned from indoors, now the Brits stand outside the pub to smoke... making it almost impossible to run through the city any time during lunch hours and after 6pm...

-The lack of modern day conveniences in my flat like a radiator or a tumble dryer... both not seemingly to be that big of a deal until winter hits... when a portable heater just wont cut it and your clothes take up to three days to dry stiff... complete with a lovely damp smell and all. 

-Being asked for I.D. when the legal drinking age is 18... and I know that they are supposed to ask if I look younger than 25... and while this may seem flattering, its is highly annoying when said I.D. is left at home and I am closer to 27 with each passing day...

-The way there are an excessive amount of extra letters in some words and they just aren't pronounced at all... which you would know if you grew up here, but as a foreigner, I'm made fun of for pronouncing things the way they are spelled. The word thames has a TH guys... I'm just saying... and let's not even talk about worcestershire...

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***Today I am thankful for hubs... with his unconditional love and patience, I know we will be able to get through anything life hands us in the future***


5 Days & Counting...


In 5 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes, and 42 seconds to be exact... 41... 40... 39... (ok enough watching the countdown) I will be running the Berlin Half Marathon... also my fourth half marathon since I started running in 2009!!! So before we go any further, if you didn't already know from previous posts, I hate running (giant gasp, I know!)... well used to... still kind of do sometimes... it's complicated. The thing is I wasn't built for running (or at least that's the justification Ive used to get out of it most of my life). I used to be asthmatic and my lung capacity isn't the normal average it should be... I am not athletic (or didn't think I was)... and because I'm so small, my strides are short and it takes me forever to run what people with longer legs run (yep, I just went there). But the truth is I started because I desperately needed a way to help a loved one and channel some overwhelming stress... and running, with all it's difficulties and challenges, became that instrument. And while all the excuses I stated before are still fact today, the adrenaline I get out of accomplishing a personal best or succeeding a new distance has outweighed them... and so I run!

Today was my last (and first) long run in training for Berlin. This was supposed to be the race where I stayed disciplined and dedicated to the 12 week nike+ program that Ive been using in the past... but it didn't quite happen. I started off really strong and with genuine intentions but life (and myself) got in the way. If I'm being completely honest, because running is just as mental as it is physical, a lot of the times it was me getting in the way of myself. Scared of failing, being "too busy", procrastinating, and at times being depressed all stopped me. It's really hard to get out on the road when when your brain isn't cooperating. As it turns out, for me running has become a very powerful double edged sword. I use it to battle my demons and take control of something in my life... to push myself further mentally and physically than I thought I was even capable of... to help me feel strong and confident when all else is falling apart... and to ride the high of endorphins when everything just clicks. The downside comes when life gets me so down I start to doubt even my running and I hide... I feel guilty at the sight of every runner passing by... I feel shame in the excuses I know I am feeding myself to get out of running... I feel too weak to go back out and it can turn into a nasty downward spiral... that oddly enough can only be conquered with me running again.

When I began running, I had no idea what I was doing (I still don't really) and I don't think I ever really expected to keep up with it for this long... I mean I'm running my fourth half marathon people... that is HUGE!!! And while it is such an intense love and hate relationship, I can't really see my life without it.

Today was a big day in that of my running career... a day of forgiving myself (something really hard for me to do) for not perfectly sticking to the plan (next time) and for realizing that when I take the pressure off, everything just happens naturally. With a clear head I set out with one goal in mind... 10 miles  (documenting each in picture form) and making peace with the fact that I may have to walk at times due to lack of proper training. With the load of my mind, I was determined to just enjoy the run and take it a mile at a time. And you know what the outcome was? I managed to run all 10 miles!!! Berlin here I come =)

I run because: 
I can... it's hard... I'm a secret masochist... I am an adrenaline junkie... it keeps me fit... it keeps me sane... it's cheaper than a therapist... i can't find a job... it's an excuse to be outdoors... everyone thought I couldn't do it... I thought I couldn't do it... some races give you shiny medals... it makes the world a better place... being a part of the running crowd is cool... being a part of RDC is even cooler... it makes me feel good... I get to talk to myself for long stretches of time... it helps me explore a new city... it helps feel like a part of something... it makes me believe I can accomplish anything... it's all about me on the road... it is bigger than me...

***Today I am thankful for my little body... perfect in every way, strong enough to carry me for 10 miles and hopefully the rest of my life***


Rugby Attire...


glasses: spex in the city | vest: urban outfitters | sweater: thrifted | tank: victoria's secret | jeans: american eagle | boots: madewell | purse: hype | necklace: h&m | ring: h&m | lipstick: revlon (british red) | nails: revlon


A Week In Instagrams 3.22.12


Thursday... Thursday... today is Thursday... tomorrow will be Friday and then it will be oh happy weekend!!! Here is a recap of this past week in instagrams... yep I am obsessed!!! The week included spending time with some of my favorite people ever... including little k all the way from across the pond... I am so lucky!

1. neon fish at the london aquarium 2. that's three south banks mr. bartender 3. tapas at las iguanas 4. parliament & big ben 5. little k & big j 6. couldn't decide what color... so i did both! 7. arm party 8. lodon pride on st. patty's day!!! 9. hubs being a goof 10. a yummy & healthy breakfast 11. snacky snack 12. domestic goddess wins again! 12. a little inspiration for my running 13. unveiling of new run dem crew signs 14. just a tuesday night 16. avocado bites 17. late night snack 18. a freshly made bed makes me happy!

Awkward- Realizing that we had seen one of the main large tanks of fish from every possible angle and floor level at the aquarium... hmmm is that the same turtle? And I'm sure those fish look incredibly familiar... Sneaky of them building a whole exhibit that revolves around the same tank and thinking no one would notice! Arriving nearly at closing time (starving and a little bit tipsy) for dinner and then ordering a feast worth of stuff, desert included, before the kitchen closed... and eating all of it!!! Roaming around through London with little k in search for Faberge eggs is kind of awkward... ah who am I kidding it was AMAZING!!! Starting my running back up after my slight snowboarding injury... it was beyond awkward and not so fun but hey, I have a half marathon in less than two weeks so...

Awesome- little k showing up at door step... unannounced... and visiting for a whole week!!! Really I could just stop at that but everything we did while she was here was freaking AWESOME!!! The numerous non touristy-touristy things we did together... oh and the sight seeing, afternoon drinks, and cheeky snacking... Being assumed we were Spanish by some guys... it just never happens people... apparently little k gets the "are you Indian?" thing all the time too! Watching the England vs Ireland rugby game on St. Patrick's Day while sipping on a London Pride Ale... oh and England winning! The amazing meals and snacks I whipped up after being out of practice from our holiday trip... let's just say I had lost inspiration but thanks to the internet and pinterest, the domestic goddess is back! Running with the crew again... less painful in a group and such energy to feed off of! And lastly, clean linen on a freshly made bed, just because...

***Today I am thankful for my rekindled affair with designing... and cooking... and running***


The Knife...


I'm back!!! Where did I disappear off to this time... hmmm well I wasn't still fully recuperated from our snowboarding trip two weeks ago (aka major procrastinating on my behalf) and then as I was buckling down to work... little k knocked on my door! Literally... over here in London... unexpectedly... and I closed it on her in shock (no worries, I let her in after a second). So guess who decided to surprise her big sis during her spring break and sneakily planned the whole thing with hubs... yep my ninja sister! Man can those two keep a secret... I am extremely impressed! Naturally I went off the radar again and indulged in some much needed sister time...  and when I was needing it the most (it's like she sensed it from across the pond!) So much non stop fun, exploring for Easter eggs, doing non touristy touristy stuff, eating, and drinking... but I'm back now and more excited than ever!!!

Tuesday Tunes... man it's been awhile hu? The Knife,  a favorite old gem of mine, seems like the perfect thing to share with you all for two reasons: 1. They are so infectiously happy and keep me working hard all day long and 2. the fifth song on the playlist (Pass This On) reminds me of little k. Why you are wondering (or maybe not but I'll tell you anyways), because I asked her once what she imagined when she heard the chorus play and she responded with "dancing Siamese cats"... which weirdly enough is the exact same thing I ALWAYS picture in my head when I hear it! A fun sister fact: we think really randomly and almost identically and you will surely be beaten if up against us in any form of pictionary, taboo, or charades... so bring it! Anyways, about the band, they are a pair of Swedish siblings (how appropriate!) that found their way into my playlist and have made a nice little niche for themselves in the electric-pop genre. Their techno infused beats and eclectic sound always bring a smile to my face. It's just so hard to be grumpy when they come on... try it, I dare ya!

image from here

my fave 10...
*Click through to the blog to view actual music player...

***Today I am thankful for many things, but above all else, that I got to spend the last week with the most amazing sister (don't worry I only have one) ever... thanks for making me smile little k!!!***


February 2012 In Photos...


Jumping on the band wagon, I couldn't resist but take part in this little photo-a-day challenge that was going around on instagram! I have a very hard time finishing things and although I start them with such good intentions, even fun ones like these are sometimes left half way... which is why I am very proud of myself for actually finishing it!!! Yay me and don't mind as I pat my own back ;) Here I show you February in daily photos... and sure it was a short month... but baby steps people... baby steps!

1.my view (from behind the billboard 2. words 3. my hand 4. strangers 5. 10am 6. dinner (for two)
 7. buttons 8. the sun (only kind in London) 9. my front door 10. self portrait (no makeup day!) 
11. something that makes me happy (hubs) 12. my closet (is a rolling rack) 13. blue 14. a heart (happy v.day!)
15. a phone 16. something new (grandpa cardi) 17. time 18. a drink 19. something that I (used to) hate doing 20. handwriting 21. fave photo of me (before the wedding!) 22. where I work 23. my shoes
24. inside my bathroom cabinet (which I don't have) 25. green (my scarf) 26. night (in France) 27. something I ate 28. money 29. something I'm listening to  (the fire crackle on leap day)

***Today I am thankful for these great little photo reminders of what a great month it was... thanks February!!!***


She Snowboards!!!


Hello hello! So I may have disappeared for a bit... but with very good reason! What with hubs celebrating another year of life, some other unexpected (good) things, and a snowboarding trip, can you blame me? Not to mention the day or two of recovery that my body has required... I feel like I need a leisurely holiday to recuperate from my holiday... oh if only. And I know it's not quite Thursday, but I really wanted to share my trip with you all and it was just so full of awkward and awesome moments that this was really the best way fill you in... so enjoy!

Awkward- Taking a train to the airport (in London) to then take a plane to Switzerland (their airport looks just like ours!) to then take a bus to France and all for the sake of snowboarding... Meeting and greeting friends of friends once we had all arrived (wait for it) and being so overly happy that I hugged and cheek kissed them all (wait for it) and then realized I had hugged and cheek kissed one of the girls that would actually be cooking our meals and cleaning the chalet... my she must have thought us Americans are really friendly!!! My over excitement (inwardly of course) to all the new surroundings... I'm talking more snow than I could have ever imagined... mountains, wooden houses, and big old pine trees!!! But I played it cool, little Floridian that I am... OMG IS THAT A SNOWMAN?!?! The fact that the first time my tush hit the floor it wasn't even on snow... I was all "we're going snowboarding!!!" instead of paying attention to the stairs and slipped on my salopettes... I mean that pretty much sums up me and the rest of the trip... So me... on a snowboard... on a sloping mountain... Let's just take a second to picture that shall we... The first time I fell over (on snow) and tried to get back up... only to realize that my legs were still attached to the board... which I had forgotten all about... and how I tried to maneuver a way to flip myself and board back over... extremely ungracefully I might add... but I did become an export by the end of the week... quick as a cat! The bruises upon bruises, bumps, and soreness in parts of my body I didn't even know could get sore (I'm talking finger muscles here!) and still getting up (sort of) day after day to do it all again... a bit masochist hu? Getting drunk really quickly because of the high altitude... I mean I am quite small and a bit of a light weight but one beer... common! Getting off of, or rather falling out of the lifts... and one time managing to tangle myself up with a skier... sorry my board is your face and yes I'm still attached to it...

Awesome- The entire trip... I mean seriously... where to even begin... Feeling really cool walking around all geared up and carrying my board... yep that's right, I snow board!!! The fact that by the end of the trip I was actually able to not just stand up right... on a moving board... but was able to do turns and go for distances without falling!!! Chanting "I'm a big brave dog" (Rugrats reference) over and over in my head and it working...That falling became so normal (hello again snow) that I stopped being scared of it by day one and was actually able to enjoy the bits of speed I caught... Oh and that my pain threshold had gone up and I was able to function under what became tolerable aches and pains... you know the normal. The view from just about everywhere!!! And enjoying said lovely views with a pint... and some champagne on the last day... Everyone I met on the trip... we all just became one big happy family!!! The times I nailed my S curve down the mountain in somewhat fluid motions... before falling over again. When I was able to imitate about 90% of what hubs was doing and roughly go in the direction I was intending to go!!! The little town in general... reminded me of Disney only with real snow... and real mountains... and real tress... and, well you get the picture. The breakfast, mid-day cake and coffee breaks, and three course meals provided for us by the chalet girls... man I sure could get used to that... now how to ask them if they want to move in with hubs and I... NOT BREAKING ANY LIMBS!!! Knowing that even though I am not in the least bit athletic, I somehow managed to skip all of the easier sports throughout life, and went straight for snowboarding... quick let's jump out of a plane next! Going out for dinner one night (everyone needs a night off) and being served half a wheel of melting cheese and an unlimited platter of raw meats to share between hubs and I... did I die on the slopes and go to heaven?!? Hearing that every snowboarder gets better with each trip, even with just yearly trips and knowing this will be an annual trip for hubs and I!!!

***Today I am thankful for this amazing holiday hubs and I were able to take... I can honestly say I have never challenged myself more both physically and mentally***


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