Wedding Series: Some Serious Men...


Inspired by Valentine's, I thought why not pick up where we left off on the Wedding Series right? Right! One of my favorite moments, that oddly enough I wasn't even a part of, was the guys right before the ceremony. Thanks to our brilliant photographers, each one of the shots below have made me smile as if I were witnessing this all for myself. The amount of nervous smiles and sideways glances... the extremely serious faces... for a group of guys that can never be taken too seriously for anything, I just loved being able to see this other (much rarer) side to them. You can tell by their expressions that they knew, this was bigger then them all... a moment to reflect, take it all in, and support their best friend in one of the most life changing decisions he was about to embark on. I think as a whole, this somber period lasted a total of about 10 minutes... and then they were back to their usual goofy selves... but I know it happened and even better, I have photographic proof!

***Today I am thankful for this particular group of Brits... not only did they fly all the way over the pond for hubs and I, they have also embraced me and made my like one of the guys***


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