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As far back as I can remember, I have always pictured myself getting married in a garden outdoors. Sure some of the details like the husband and such were blurry, but the rose garden (influences of The Secret Garden I'm sure) part were definitely not. Only one major problem stood between my dream and I... Miami is ridiculously hot, and therefor rose gardens just do not exist! Still little k and my mom insisted (bless them!) on finding me the ideal outdoor setting... and in their hunt they discovered this gem of a location, Schnebly Redland's Winery. While it wasn't an English rose garden to be exact, the winery did have a rustic charm to it's beautiful outdoor grounds... hubs and I were enchanted! And the best part about it, minimal decor needed... just a few dozen roses!

It was a perfect November day... in that being in Miami it was sunny, bright, and just cool enough to be outside without sweating all over your fancy attire. The winery had only hosted a few weddings up until then and so they were just as excited as we were to see the potential in the event. Hubs and I really liked the idea of having a not too traditional wedding and just focusing on us, our love, and the coming together as a new family (not to mention a merging of cultures!). With my family mainly being Spanish speakers, Hubs and his family obviously being English speakers, and me being more comfortable expressing myself in English, it was really important to have both languages covered throughout the ceremony... and our lovely pair of priests did just that!


When choosing the music for the ceremony, hubs and I compromised... myself being the romantic and him being the goofball... I got the entrance song while he got the exit one. We had a lovely string trio from Music For Anything play Canon in D Major as the bridesmaids, flower girl, and I accompanied by my dad walked in. I felt the song was perfect... not overly stuffy but still soft and slightly formal. So what did my dear hubs chose to counter balance my number? He chose Back in Black by AC/DC as our get away song... still played by the string trio for a refreshing take on an old classic! His feelings were that we had just entered into this amazing journey of marriage and should go out with a bang to match our emotions. Everyone loved it and our bridal party got dance, twirl, and runway walk after us.

When it came to the actual ceremony, we searched online through endless templates, some that our priest had given us, and referenced F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (no I'm not even kidding and yes there are a lot of them!) to kind of help us decide what was right for us. We ended up compiling our own version and kept the bits of tradition we felt strongest about. I asked little k and my best friend to do a reading of their choice, again focusing on love. Hubs and I decided to keep some of the familiar verses but opted to say our own vows instead... spur of the moment, speak from your heart, no pre-written ones! To be honest, I can't even remember what I said exactly, just that it almost made hubs cry... almost but no luck! And did you know that you don't ever actually say "I do"... there is an "I will" and it is not followed by "You may now kiss the bride"... Hollywood filling our heads with lies... Another important part of the ceremony that I absolutely loved was the lighting of the unity candle. Both sets of parents were asked to come up and light two taper candles that we then used to light our unity candle. This symbolized the union of not just hubs and I, but of our families coming together as well.

***Today I am thankful for everyone that was involved in making this day as special as it was... perfect without perfection if you know what I mean***


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