Miami Recap: Outdoor Markets...


Here's a little sneak peak into one of the many outdoorsy adventures hubs and I embarked on while home in Miami for the holidays. I can never resist a good farmers market... the chance to buy fresh seasonal products... taste a bunch of delicious samples... and swoon over cute packaging... um yes please! On this particular day the sun was shining down on us without a single cloud in the sky (and yes this was in December) making it the perfect weather for shorts, flip flops, and sunnies. Naturally I just had to stop at each and everyone of the stalls... talk to the sellers... sample some products... ask a bunch of questions... and of course buy some goodies!!! Hubs and I walked away with some homemade granola, treated salts, a soy candle, and some gifts for some very lucky people. Oh and just in case you were wondering... that's my mama eying up the tomatoes like a pro ;)

***Today I am thankful for cute little outdoor markets like these...fresher products, supporting small businesses, and always an adventure***


  1. wow! amazing photos! am sure you had amazing fun!

    Would you like to follow each other?

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    1. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue
      Thanks hun! It definitely was a lot of fun and great to be back home. On my way to go check out your blog... hope you are having a good day. -JB.



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