Miami Recap: The Mythical Tia...


One of my all time favorite things about going home for a bit (aside from mom's home cooked meals and an extremely ridiculously comfy bed) is the chance to see all my nephews and nieces, and believe you me, there's a bunch of them! I swear every time I come back there are more, like they are multiplying or something... and they range from as young as newborn all the way to the big kid age of kindergarten. One thing you should know, I use the term nephew/niece a bit loosely... I in fact only have two real ones (not that I feel the others are fake) and they are recent and live England side. But of course I couldn't wait and seeing as little k might be in school for the next decade or so, I have been adopting "nephews" and "nieces" for as long as I can remember! If you are an older cousin or a best friend of mine, your child will grow up calling me Tia (aunt in Spanish). And not to toot on my own horn (love that expression!) but I am the best Tia you can find! I love the title... all the fun, lots of gift giving and spoiling rotten, as many cheeks as I can kiss, get to fill my baby needs, and none of the responsibilities. I get to be the mysterious and aloof Tia (some say crazy) that lives here and there (never really sure where) traveling in for a short visit (key is never stay too long)... ALWAYS bringing some treasures with me... and usually sticking a camera in child's face. The kids all love it and go nuts when I'm in town... seriously! I am that mythical Tia that their dance teachers, coaches, and friends hear about... and I wouldn't have it any other way =)

little kid party...

big kid party...

***Today I am thankful for all the "nephews" and "nieces" I have to remind me that life is too short to be taken too seriously... and that ponies and bouncy castles are so on trend***


  1. Oh looks like so much fun!
    How precious! have a great weekend Jackie!

    1. @Anna
      It was! I just love being around all the little ones and trying get that perfect picture! So much fun and keeps you on your toes too! -JB.



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