Ringwood Retreat...


This week's love comes more from Ringwood than London really... I mean we started the week in London with some good runs, new graffiti art, and of course a lot of coffee... but then hubs and I retreated to his home town for a little getaway of sorts. I mean dear old Santa is off duty and so who else was going to deliver the xmas presents from Miami to England if not hubs and I? And so duty calls right?!? Right!!! Now excuse me but I've got some more elf like duties to cater too... including loads of baking!!!

1. the lucozade is mine... the desperado isn't 2. street graffiti 3. giraffe stirrer 4. so chaud... my new fave!!! 5. red cups & red nails 6. change is the way for 2012 7. hub's rolled up socks 8. bare branches in ringwood 9. coolest sisters ever 10. little red riding hood 11. all bundled up 12. English roast with the family 13. scones & coffee 14. charity shopping 15. early evening 16.  home made macaroons
17. vintage treasures 18. being cute 19. baby Rosie 20. hubs practicing 21. some hair cutting skills

Awesome- my bold orange pout... thanks to m.a.c. (who I'm obsessed with!) Sneakily entering hubs in a half marathon... his first... and then telling him about it (surprise!!!) Traveling to Ringwood for a whole week to hang out with hub's family... loads of home cooked meals, great chats, and movie nights!!! Seeing my nieces long enough for them to remember me again... and seeing how much they have grown!!! Evening runs with hubs... through the country, the town, and the pitch dark wilderness... hello Toto, we are not in London anymore! Charity shopping and finding some matching pieces to the set we started collecting in London... and for about a third of the price... Trying my baking hand at making some macaroons even though I had never actually tasted them before... and getting great reviews all around!!!

Awkward- Tweeting this in a moment of nuttiness (please no judging!): He placed his socks in an unmatched and jumbled mess in his underwear drawer and she could not sleep... She didn't have time to match them so she shoved them into the sock drawer and was satisfied that at least they were where they should be... She finally matched them, each with its pair and bundled them into little balls. All was restored and she could at last relax... Well all except the 4 individual socks that didn't have pairs due to his impulsive chaotic behavior. He thought she was crazy but loved her... and having people tweet back that they relate! Oh and did I mention that I later instgramed/tweeted a picture of said socks... yep that's them up there too... first picture, third row... The two hour bus ride home to Ringwood... because come on, bus rides are just always awkward right?!? Did I mention running in the complete darkness that is this small little town after dark...  I mean at some points I couldn't even see hubs in front of me! Being recognized at the local pubs because of 1. my glasses and 2. my American accent... so much for inconspicuously fitting in...

***Today I am thankful for a nice little get away that Ringwood provides... good meals, great adventures, and loving family***


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