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Today hubs and I are of on a mission of a trip back to London... leaving Miami via a connecting flight through Philly with a five hour lay over!!! Annoying under most circumstances I know, but of course we will be taking full advantage of said layover by using our time wisely and locating us some ridiculously delicious Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Those of you that have never tried one... and especially one from it's home state... just have no idea what you are missing!!! I suggest taking the next plane over just for the taste! I am so excited about this sandwich my mouth is salivating already... at ten in the morning... on a Monday...

Can't wait to be back in London, though because of time differences and special warp zones we will be passing through, we don't actually arrive until tomorrow... in a very much delirious state... but well worth it and all the effort involved! So see you guys on the other side of the pond and I'll be back in full swing with recaps from our holiday, the last of the wedding posts, and yes a wrap up of my 30 for 30 Remix (and you all thought I had forgotten/quit!). Ta-ta for now!!!

***Today I am thankful for the wonderful three weeks I was able to spend with my family,  friends, and hubs in the warm Florida sunshine... eating lots of really great food, celebrating the holidays, and dancing the nights away***


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