January Wish List...


Happy last day of January guys!!! Can you believe it's one month down, 11 more to go?!? Ugh it seems like the time just flies on by, faster and faster as we get older and one can only hope wiser... Anyways, I've been wanting to share with you all my wish list for some time now and have just not been very successful. Remember my first and only attempt last year in August? Well since hubs and I are still on a budget and I am back on the job seekers list, those items are still on there... along with these new ones... and probably some more I'll add each month... But you know what? Making these little lists, weird as it may sound, is kind of like scratching the shopping itch (how many of you add things to your online cart and feel instantly better?) I'll tell you what, if for whatever reason I fold and buy something... or hubs decides to treat me (hint hint)... or a lovely reader decides to send me a present, I'll let you guys know!

*oh I forgot, I got some money for xmas and bought this fur vest from an Urban Outfitters in the States... so much for saving!

***Today I am thankful for landing a place in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon... and what's more, I sneakily entered hubs and he got a place too!!!***


  1. Your wishlist looks almost exactly like mine, currently! That fur vest and those heels... ugh, I die! And I totally get what you mean about putting items in your shopping cart and feeling better about it. Just wish I didn't hit 'buy' quite as often as I do... ;)

    xx Melina

    1. @Melina
      Good to hear! Ive been obsessing over a fur vest of some sorts since winter 2010... over a year and finally just got one! Oh the styling options hehe. Oh and I had that slip of the buy button over thanksgiving online... gotta take advantage of those sales even from England you know ;) -JB.



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