Band Of Horses...


*Thought I had hit the post button last night but apparently not... fell asleep on keyboard again... all in a good nights run ;)

When I want to feel mellowed out and in the ultimate state of chilled, not to be confused with relaxed people, I opt to listen to Band of Horses. This indie- rock band (aren't they all?) has it all... from the scratchy mid range vocals...  the oozing guitar and base combo... and the poetry like lyrics... actually what are they singing about? That's how chilled out they get me, I'm not actually sure of the what it is I'm saying when I'm singing along... kind of like a musical state of zombie! Anyways, sometimes I just like to zone out and these guys are definitely my go-to friends... they can be your friends too!

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my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful a wonderful first night back at RDC (last night)... I am feeling stronger, more confident, and could only have gotten through those last two miles sans music with your help so thanks!!!***


  1. I love Band Of Horses too! The Funeral and No Ones Gonna Love You are so beautiful :) Great post!

    1. Thank you love! They are quite special aren't they? Glad you enjoyed the post! -JB.

    2. Jackie. Me too, I go to BoH, Fleet Foxes too, bands that actually mean something special, without any pretence. Enjoy listening and singing the wrong words, who cares!

      Check Out ... Infinite Arms when ya get time. Their third LP. Class.


    3. @mark
      Fleet Foxes are another of my favorites! I'll have to check out BoH then, thanks for sharing! Singing the wrong words is kind of my specialty ;)-JB.



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