Miami Kind Of Xmas...


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Hey all! Sorry Ive been gone for a good while but things got a bit hectic a while back and then there was the packing and xmas parties and so you know... I started feeling a little stressed out about everything and then decided it was ok to take a little brake from all internet related things. Sometimes you just have to unplug you know? Ive missed you all and hope to pop in from time to time while on holiday in Miami... but can't make any promises! Just in case, hope you all have a very merry xmas and a happy new year, love hubs and I, from sunny and warm Miami!!!

***Today am thankful for mini breaks and that warm sunshine on my face***


White Flag...


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Today I give in and wave a white flag... a white flag to the feelings of sadness inside of me. Today I will curl up with hot chocolate, have a good cry, and belt out as many sad songs as my voice will allow with more sorrow, passion, and sincerity than any broken hearted teenage girl out there. Today I acknowledge this heavy heart I feel and not try to fix it, but rather indulge in it. Today I will let it all out and then tomorrow I will move on... tomorrow will be a better day.

***Today I am thankful for... songs that let me express my sadness***


Bishop Allen...


First, I brief apology for being absent from the bogging sphere for some time... I am no good at this whole scheduled posts... and so when life goes the littlest bit chaotic, I disappear =( Ive missed you all, my little blog, and my daily reads. I also realize that I left everyone in sort of suspense leading up to the actual wedding ceremony and reception posts... bad me! There's a reason why a posted about said wedding a year later... and you all thought I was trying to be cute or something! Anyways, my new self imposed deadline for wrapping those up along with a honeymoon recap is now the 14th... a year and a month anniversary for some sort of symbolism... again not really but let's just pretend for my sake!!!

So back to the music... I first have to confess that I have seriously been listening to nothing but Birdy since I downloaded the album a couple of weeks back. Even hubs is starting to say its not healthy to listen to the same songs over and over again... but what if they help me relax and keep my sanity??? I have self prescribed myself Birdy and may be overdosing... but who can blame me? Then amongst the sea of my itunes, I found an old gem... Bishop Allen. Of course they are an indie rock group, complete with banjos, keyboards, and the occasional pop infused melodies... another one that makes me smile just with a simple listen. Go on, I dare you not to crack a smile while listening to the entire playlist below... ok go!!!

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 my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful for all the good things in my life that I  can concentrate on and pull strength from when times are trying***


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