What's In A Sign???


And by sign I mean zodiac sign... and yes I'm serious! Ok but before we go on, I feel I must disclose, no I am not an astrological junkie or anything like that. I don't read my daily horoscope or plan life's events according to the stars... so why the post? Well because this week's IFB project #20 has us exploring this very topic and I thought, hey now that sounds like fun eh? No but seriously, it's been such a long time since I last read the meaning of my sign (I'm a Taurus by the way) I actually wondered if maybe anything had changed... you know, since the years of me reading my love horoscope in Seventeen magazine...

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Here is what Ive found... as a Taurus baby, I am supposed to have the following traits... strength, stamina, and will (sometimes I have these). I am supposed to be stubborn by nature (I am and and am using this as my defense!) and am willing to stand my ground for what I believe in no matter how irrational the situation may be. Sometimes I do that too... I am determined to see something through from start to finish no matter long it may take (guilty as charged!) Oh and did I mention I'm earthy and grounded??? Code for I can't be bothered to be glamorous all the time... I'm a guy's girly girl if you know what I mean ;)

I am also claimed to be a very passionate person... does being irrationally, passionately mad/happy about something count???  Loving, sympathetic, and overly appreciative (geez, story of my life!) when it comes to family and friends. A Taurus tends to take on everyone else's problems but rarely share their own... scared it might be a sign of weakness... ok now they are just out right describing me!!!

Now here is where I beg to differ... a Taurus is known to be patient??? Sorry zodiac, guess my Hispanic roots trump this one big time! I am sooooo not patient (though people perceive me as, which I find ironic) and can often be found muttering "patience is a virtue" under my breath to keep me from exploding. We are also known to be practical, efficient, and business savy... non of those are true for me either though I am so desperately trying to be those things. One thing I do have to state though, for being as stubborn as I am, I am also pretty open to hearing different perspectives on things and my mind can be changed if sufficient evidence is shown... maybe I'm an evolving Taurus?

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***Today I am thankful for... what the heck I'll bite the bullet, being a Taurus!!!***


  1. oooh, very interesting. I'm a Pisces, but haven't paid any attention to what that "means." Might have to do a little investigating:-) xoxo

  2. you have a pretty rockin' group of taurus'. haha, love it! sometimes when you find the best sites, they can be pretty accurate. it's cool to read when the day is done to compare the things it says to that what actually happened. :)
    xo TJ

  3. @Bon Bon You should do it... it was fun learning the traits of the Tauruses ;) -JB.

  4. @Mr. Taylor and his Lady I know some sites can be a little intimidating so researching for this post took longer than usual but well worth it! -JB.

  5. @nik Thanks nik! So glad you are liking my blog and finding it inspiring. -JB.



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