Unexpected Gifts & Snail Mail...


Another week gone in by in a flash... I feel like if I blink too much I might miss fall and end up somewhere in winter... anyone else feel the same way??? Well here's to another great week filled with a lot of love, coffee, reaching new goals, unexpected gifts from hubs, and heart warming snail mail to make me look forward to the next week. So far I'm looking at a girls night full of delishes cheesy based foods and a wedding recap... a girl's night of cocktails and dancing with the coworkers... and the celebration of a marriage's first year... and that's just to start the week!!! Hope you all are having just as good of a week and let me know what you are all up to!

1. strike a pose 2. chilled pinot grigio 3. red cup season is here 4. fall leaves on my boots
5. vintage treasures galore 6. love in lucazade form 7. me and my cowboy boots on a double decker 
8. date night pizza 9. his & hers red cup delights 10. hard at work 11. wine to catch up with a friend
12. vintage inspired heels 13. a happy lunch 14. good morning bunnies 15. metallic animal skin rugs 16. bored at work 17. orange and yellow trees 18. an array of ties 19. sweets for his sweet
20. snail mail from little k 21. more snail male from the rents

Awesome-  The crisp autumn air that has finally arrived... along with the leaves changing colors and starbucks introducing this season's flavors!!! Getting to wear all of my fun boots again... I knew there was a reason I liked fall again and it's called fashion!!! Hubs bringing me home such loving gifts... that only I would understand and appreciate... like lucazade sport for my running and jam for my mornings... Spending all weekend cooped up in the flat with hubs... and only venturing out into the world for pizza and coffee... ah marital bliss... Catching up with a friend over great food and wine... Pushing my self to move up a running group and nearly dying in the process but man was it worth it... hello i am now a fast hare!!! The bunnies... hey it's been awhile since Ive had them on here!!! Snail mail of any sorts from the states... but especially ones celebrating hub's and i's first year of marriage... which is technically on monday but I was too excited to wait till then to open!!!

Awkward- The sun setting sooooo early... I mean does the sun realize that it's only 4pm when it decides to hide and not come back out till about 10am the next day??? Can we say slacker!!! My body and brain's sudden urge to hibernate... seriously I can't even function before my daily cup of coffee these days... sometimes two even!!! A customer hissing "come here girl" to me from the changing room... only for me to show up and have him throw a pair of "trousers" in my face... I was all "oh hell no, what just happened here" until my boss explained to me that that guy just does it to everyone... Needless to say my christmas break could not come any sooner...

***Today I am thankful for the sweetest snail mail ever... three this week... and all in honor of hub's and i's upcoming anniversary!!!***


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