Thinking About Ombre...


I know, I know... it's everywhere but hear me out! I mean aside from it being trendy or whatever, this is a hair styling extravaganza I can get on board with! So you are telling me that the days of worrying about your roots growing out and showing are over? And all those years of wanting to try some dye but then deciding against it because of the upkeep and expense of it all are now a mute point? Brilliant!!! For the gal that is low maintenance (and I so am!) and wants to be daring but not too drastically so, this is perfect... and so I toy with the idea. Now the question is... to dye or not to dye... what do you all think???

***Today I am thankful for the lovely day off I got to enjoy... flat all to myself, coffee, florence + the machine, and lots of blog reading catch up... ah bliss***


  1. I think it's a gorgeous look! I've been debating the same idea as well, just been chicken to dye my hair *blush*. If you've got the guts, DO IT.

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  2. @Katya
    I think I might do it... eeek! Will definitely show on the blog if I go through with it ;) -JB.

  3. Ive always liked this fact i remember Cindy crawford sporting this look back in the early 90's. :)))

  4. @Jen of MadeByGirl OMG you are so right! Everything always comes back around in trends doesn't it? Well I bit the bullet and now I'm ombre too! =) -JB.

  5. not to dye:)))
    Great look.



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