Our First Halloween Together...


No seriously... after dating long distance for over five years, this was our first official Halloween together ever!!! Naturally, I was super excited to do a his and hers costume but also wanted it to be unique and original... none of that cheesy Superman and Wonder woman (I am so sorry if you dressed up as this) business. And so after much thought and careful consideration, I came up with the day of the dead bride and groom.... it was perfect! We actually celebrated our honeymoon in Mexico and I bought a miniature day of the dead bride and groom inspired by Frida Kahlo (one of my all time favorite artists by the way!) figurine. Only small problem now, hubs did not want to paint his face... lucky for us we found this skull prop and he was able to carve out room for his head and some eye holes... what do you all think??? Successful or not so much? I still maintain that I put the most effort into our looks but hey at least it all came together. Did any of you guys do a his and hers costume??? How did you dress up this Halloween???

***Today I am thankful our first Halloween together ever... oh and the fact that we found that skull prop for hub's head***


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