I interrupt all the wedding posts to bring you folks this special bulletin... a chance to participate in fundraising for a very great cause, The Prostate Cancer Charity, and... wait for it... a chance to vote on how hubs should shave, trim, and mold his mustache come this Sunday's 5K race. Yep, is he the greatest or what? Hubs has been growing out the old facial hair in support of Movember and my Battersea Park 5K race and is now taking it one step further... donate here and leave a comment with your 'stache of choice. The popular vote wins and I will display hubs sporting his new face do next week with a recap post of the event. Oh and if you are in the area Sunday, come out and support us runners... I myself will be sporting a stick on 'stache... possibly some suspenders and a bow tie too!

hubs day 20 of the growth...
***Today I am thankful for such a supportive hubs... any man that is willing to grow his facial hair and then let you put your donators in control of the outcome is a keeper by me!!!***


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