Wedding Series: The Memorable Five...


Pssst... guess what?!? In case you didn't already know... Hub's and I just celebrated our first year of marriage together on Monday... the 14th of November... eeeek!!! Beyond exciting I know!!! It seems like it went by so fast, this past year... and I realize that I never got around to sharing that special day with you lovely blog folk (ultimate procrastination or what?) And as that sweet day has come and gone, I'm actually feeling some non-newly wed blues! Now I know that this may sound just a little bit ridiculous, but I hear it's actually quite common to miss the engagement/planning/wedding/honeymoon/newlywed phases... and as happy as Ive been, I can't help but feel sad that it's all over too! Any other wives out there know what I'm talking about??? Anyhow, since I can't turn back time, I have decided to instead share and reminisce in that beautiful journey once more, a year later... and hopefully I can make you feel like you are were there too!

the memorable five...
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So let's begin with the memorable five... songs that is! I know some brides have a hard time deciding on what the most important songs should be... what to walk in and out to... the first dance... the father/daughter dance... the mother/son dance... but not me! As soon as I started planning and envisioning that day, I knew in my heart what songs would be perfect for each of those moments... songs that were truly unique to hubs and I... and special in their own right.

For as long as I can remember, I have always fantasized about walking down the aisle to Canon in D Major... just the right amount tradition for the non traditional bride I think. The extra special twist was, my parents hiring a string trio!!! It took the same song to a new level of elegance in my opinion. Now hubs wanted to walk down the aisle to something a bit more original and unexpected but my heart was already set... so we compromised... and he got to chose what we left to once we were wed. This how Back In Black came to be a part of our musical selection... also upgraded in a string trio version!!!

For our first dance I also knew exactly what I wanted, Have A Little Faith but the Van Morrison version. After our long journey of a five year relationship across seas, the lyrics to this song just seemed meant for us. Every time I had heard it in the past, I would close my eyes and picture hubs saying those precious words to me (he was so the braver one!) Wise words of encouragement, love and faith in us. Now add to all that the heart melting voice that is Morrison, and well, it was a no brainer!

And lastly but most certainly not least, the father/daughter and mother /son dances. These were also chosen quite personally between the dancers involved. With my dad and his long time passion for The Beatles, All You Need Is Love seemed like a natural fit. It was happy and upbeat... and let's face it, crying was inevitable so we wanted to keep the song to something cheery. Ben and his mom also chose a silly and light hearted song, Dancing In The Street... and boy did they bust out some moves of their own! All in all the song selections were a huge success! Each piece catered to our needs, moods, and feelings for each specific moment... happy sigh!

P.S. You can read all about our engagement story (a good one I promise!) here... it involves a tree, some carving, and really beautiful ring!!!

***Today I am thankful the past year of hub's and i's lives together... not always perfect, but always worth it!!!***


  1. you looked incredible. your wedding looked like a fairy tale!

  2. how am i only now following your blog. you are fabulous. congrats on the one year. you two are adorable. love it. totally following. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a east coast girl turned LA stylist. thanks, love. xo

  3. You two look amazing and the entire wedding was absolutely fabulous! I loved every minute of it! Congratulations on the year friend.


  4. @LalaChez Thanks friend! So glad you could make it! -JB.



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