Jack Johnson...


Jack Johnson... please stop reading right now and listen to the play list... you are welcome!!! I feel like my words couldn't possibly do justice to the heavenly harmonies that this man has created... oh and that smile I know you have on your face after listening, that one is on me ;) I have to admit (kind of embarrassed) that I myself was a bit late onto the scene when it comes to Jack Johnson. But all it took was one listen... to one song to be exact (Better Together at summer camp where I met hubs)... to make me want to hear more. And boy did I dive heart first into his music.

There is just something so cheerful and uplifting to his music. The combination of his soft rock guitar sounds, his thoughtful yet playful lyrics, and his (um hello sexy) voice were enough to convince me. Him being a Hawaiian native, I feel you can definitely hear that mellow, laid back calm throughout each of his songs. Want to hear something that will make you love him more??? He's also a major humanitarian, environmentalist, and had 100% of his 2010 World Tour proceeds go to charity... is it any wonder his music is so happy? Ok you may crush on him too now =)

my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful for the bubbly beats of Jack Johnson... just listening to him puts the easiest smile on my face***


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