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From the very start, I knew pink just had to play a big part in our color story for the wedding. Being the girly girl that I am, I wanted the overall feel to be romantic in a soft and playful way. So I opted for various shades of pinks, from blush to rose,  in all fabrics and textures I could find. Now I knew that pink was fine for my bridesmaids (and thanks to those of you that wore pink for the first time ever... means the world to me!) but for the groomsmen, I did prefer something more masculine. Since grey had become the new black in menswear in general, and pink was now the trendy guy's favorite accent color, it was a match made in heaven!!!

Now for as many times as I had already been a bridesmaid, one thing I was definitely certain of was the fact that one dress can not and will not ever look good on everyone. I wanted each of my ladies to wear something unique to their personalities and body types... and of course in a shade of pink that would flatter their skin tone the best. The only rules were I had to approve the pink (you know, to make sure no hot pinks or magenta snuck in on accident) and that the dresses should be short. Aside from that, I encouraged them to go for different fabrics, silhouettes, and shoes. Little K was my maid of honor and I debated for a bit on ways to make her stand out when all the girls were wearing different dresses anyways... and so we settled on her wearing grey!

As for the men, well the same pretty much applied to them too. All was game as long as it was was in the grey family (no three piece suit was necessary) and some even braved a pink shirt! Hubs and I got them all vintage pink ties that I rummaged all over Brooklyn to find and some of the coolest cuff links ever!!! Oh and some of the guys (my father in law included) even wore converse sneakers! Again we wanted everyone to just feel as comfortable and like themselves as possible. The goal was for everyone to focus on having a fun time and I think we achieved it!!!

The rest of the decor mainly involved more shades of pink roses, pewter pieces such as a bird cage, picture frames, and a tea set. Their was also some wooden accents like our guest book. One thing you should note, our wedding was in November and in Miami... and I broke some major wedding rules... 1. having a spring colors in the fall 2. using roses in an otherwise very tropical setting 3. insisting on a vintage theme when the reception was held in a giant tiki hut. But you know what, I didn't care about the rules. To me our dream wedding had pale roses not bright hibiscus flowers... it had a whimsy vintage feel to it, not a tropical one... and it certainly didn't have any sandals, coconuts, or sea shells. And so in spite of some non believers (yep hubs was among them) I continued to convince and  insist on making my vision a reality. And maybe it wasn't exactly the way I had originally imagined it, but you know what, in the end, it came out even better... unique and weird just like hubs and I. =)

Mood: romantic, vintage, and whimsical...

Color Palette: blush pinks, shades of grey, and ivory with accents of pewter, bronze, and wood...

Texture: chiffon, lace, suede, and metals...
Row 2: carved guest book, pink cocktails, maid of honor in grey, bridesmaids in shades of pink
Row 3: family photos in antique frames, various shades and textures, the dress

***Today I am thankful for pinks and greys... seriously one of the prettiest color combinations of all times!!!***


  1. Oh wow! Such pretty colors <3



  2. I´m totally smitten with this post! All those pretty colors are my fave as well! Love love LOVE :)
    I´ve just discovered your beautiful blog, and I´m fairly obsessed with it! Love all the beautiful pics and your writing as well! I´m totally following you from now!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Style in the City

  3. Great decisions and fabulous taste friend ;)

  4. @Ivana Thanks for all the lovely compliments and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. -JB.

  5. This colour scheme is beautiful! I'm getting married in 2 months and there are just too many options some times! Bet yours looks stunning :)

  6. By now you are already happily married so congrats! Glad you enjoyed the mood board and hopefully it helped you with your wedding planning! -JB.



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