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So it's that time of the year again... Novemeber... a time for giving thanks and growing facial hair (for the guys anyways). As quickly as I thought October had passed (in the blink of an eye), November has seemed to go by even faster... I don't think I even got to close an eyelid for that to count as a blink! But I'm not complaining... well maybe just a little... but still I have a whole lot to be thankful for this month, including hub's and i's first wedding anniversary!!! What are you all thankful for this year around? And how are you celebrating your thanksgiving? Quick now it's a mad dash into the holiday season and a sprint to the new year (sorry for the running analogies)... hello and welcome to 2012...

1. obsessed with cotton buds!!! 2. mind the gap... train approaching 3. vintage bottles
4. my future dishes 5. fall floating leaves 6. through the branches 7. i went ombre!!!
8. day 20 of hub's facial growth 9. glittery nails 10. first green bean casserole ever 11. colorful veggies 12. chocolate peanut butter cookies 13. amreicans and their brits 14. our thanksgiving spread 
15. my oh too delishes plate 16. desert time 17. some are bare and some are ombre
18. snowflakes on the sidewalk 19. i tied a bow tie!!! 20. RDM emotional night
21. my movember get up!!!

Awesome-  More leaves falling and covering the ground in all their orange-red glory... I'm really going to miss them when they disappear in the next month or so... Going ombre with my hair!!! Yes I finally did it and took the plunge one step further by cutting some side swept bangs in the process too! It's a little subtler than I wanted but a good start. Seeing hubs grow out his facial hair for me and my movember project... even though it's itching him like crazy right now... he loves me! Getting into the groove of cooking and baking again for our early thanksgiving over seas... I told everyone I can cook, I just choose not too ;) Celebrating thanksgiving with fellow American friends in the UK... that also happen to be married to Brits... now who is conquering who?!? After nearly 30 minutes of effort, figuring out how to tie a bow tie properly... although not quite so pretty just yet, give me a few more practices... Getting my shirt in the mail, my suspenders from work, and my boxers from hubs... all for this Sunday's Movember race... mustache to be applied at the race!!! Oh and did I mention that if you donate anything here, you get a vote in to how hubs will style his mustache for the race... pictures next week!!!

Awkward- Getting easily distracted by things I just have to take pictures of in my daily life... and being completely oblivious as to who is watching... yep Ive turned into one of those people now... The shop being so empty this past week that I literally thought I might die of boredom... insert tumbleweeds and me learning to tie bow tie... Crying really hard from chopping onions... I mean they usually sting my eyes but I think from lack of sleep and too much contacts wearing they were more sensitive than usual cause man I was bawling!!! Trying to figure out what the next step in my life is... I know that last one is a bit of a serious one but sometimes I can be serious...

***Today I am thankful for modern technologies such as Skype and the Internet... together they made it possible for me to wish a face to face happy thanksgiving to my parents and little k... across 4,437 miles and an ocean***


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