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Birdy aka Jasmine van den Bogaerde,  has completely won me over!!! All it took was one listen to her cover of Skinny Love (I blogged about the original by Bon Iver here) and I was awestruck. Can you believe she was only 14 when that single was released?!? Her voice is so haunting and passionate, as if she's already had years of experience in life and love matters. Really I could keep on babbling away about why I love her voice so much... why I couldn't wait to download her album... and why she's been on repeat since... but I won't. Instead I'll just let you listen to the playlist and become as obsessed as I am... enjoy!
my fave 10:
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***Today I am thankful I found Birdy... I can already tell we are going to have a great repeat all her songs all of the time kind of relationship her and I***


Mo Run 5K Battersea Park...


Movember... formerly known as the month of November, has quickly become one of the biggest promoters for prostate and testicular cancer around the world!!! At the start of the month, men everywhere participate by clean shaving for the last time... or at least until the end of the month... and then the race is on! Facial hair is grown, trimmed, and sculpted into a multitude of styles and fashions. Hubs was a dear and took part, even letting my donators have say in the final outcome of his mustache. Although hub's mustache is already styled, you can still help out by donating on my page here. All proceeds are going to The Prostate Cancer Charity.

My way of helping and promoting awareness (since I obviously can't grow a 'stache!) was to sign up for one of the many local races held here in London and fundraising for the main charity... what else? It's what I do!!! So this past Sunday, I woke up bright and early to meet up with some of the gals, sport our mustaches, and run our little hearts out! Here is a brief recap:

Getting There: what can I say except it was a nightmare!!! The day before and even the morning of, I double checked the transportation I should take, ensuring to get me to the race with plenty of leisure time so I could relax and stretch. Well that never happened... thank you tfl journey planner for saying a specific bus was running when it wasn't... three bus time slots later and still no bus I started to panic and opted for an alternate route... cutting it really close to the end of registration time. Luckily I made it, was able to register, put on my mustache, and even took some pictures with the gals... phew!

The Race: We had a quick aerobic warm up to get the muscles loose and the juices flowing... plus it was a little chilly so it helped to literally warm us up. Since I had opted to run the 5k at Battersea Park, I had decided that I would concentrate on my race time rather than the race length... and so I said goodbye to the gals at the start line and ran off to try and reach my goal of running less than 10 minute miles. I have to say the weather that day was perfect for running... it was chilly enough to help with my endurance but not too cold that long sleeves and pants wouldn't cut it. The day was also overcast so I didn't have to worry about sun shining into my eyes and blinding me... basically my idea of the ideal running conditions, in the fifties and overcast =) I made it around the park (we had to lap it twice) pretty easily but not without my 'stache falling off due to sweat. I stuck it to my palm and kept my hand in a fist for safe keeping. I was so hyped up and enjoying people watching... oh the fancy dress and mustaches I saw! I also got a shot out from hubs via the dj and hearing my name being called out made my day!!!

A mixture of nerves and excitement kept me going stronger and quicker than my usual pace. I started to feel a bit of cramping into my second lap, and saw some people slowing down to walk which made me want to stop too and walk for a bit... oh it's all so mental sometimes. But I kept pushing on, knowing I was fully capable of running 6 miles non stop let alone 5K... I was determined to run the whole thing and at my new faster pace. I remember the last stretch, as I turned the corner and saw the finish line at the end of about a 300 yard stretch. Adrenaline fueled through me and I broke out into a sprint... where that sudden burst of energy came from I have no idea as I already thought I was going as fast as I could. Right near the end, I noticed a camera man squatted down and taking pictures of runners as they neared the end. I ran straight towards him, smile beaming on my face, and mustache stuck on my open palm... you can see the pictures here and here. Flying through the finish line I couldn't stop smiling... and running for that matter, I almost ran past the people handing out medals! And to make a sweet moment even sweeter, there was hubs, with his grinning mustache, waiting for me at the finish line.

Post Race: After catching my breath, realizing I had met my personal goal, kissing hubs, eying my medal, posing for pictures, and finding the gals again, it was time to celebrate!!! We headed off to find some coffee and a brunch spot to stuff our faces. Really happy and pleased with ourselves, we feasted on all things breakfasty and toasted with bloody marys... eagerly chatting away about our plans for next year's mo run...

1. hubs on day 20 of the growing 2. debuting the winning mustache 3. will i make it to the race???
4. made it and feeling great!!! 5. the ladies with 'staches 6. we're on a horse 7. beat my personal goal
8. mustache on a medal 9. winners brunch post race 10. mustaches 11. my treat to myself!!!

***Today I am thankful for the blissful high Ive been on all day from the happiness of yesterday... I don't even mind the soreness in my muscles***


What's In A Sign???


And by sign I mean zodiac sign... and yes I'm serious! Ok but before we go on, I feel I must disclose, no I am not an astrological junkie or anything like that. I don't read my daily horoscope or plan life's events according to the stars... so why the post? Well because this week's IFB project #20 has us exploring this very topic and I thought, hey now that sounds like fun eh? No but seriously, it's been such a long time since I last read the meaning of my sign (I'm a Taurus by the way) I actually wondered if maybe anything had changed... you know, since the years of me reading my love horoscope in Seventeen magazine...

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Here is what Ive found... as a Taurus baby, I am supposed to have the following traits... strength, stamina, and will (sometimes I have these). I am supposed to be stubborn by nature (I am and and am using this as my defense!) and am willing to stand my ground for what I believe in no matter how irrational the situation may be. Sometimes I do that too... I am determined to see something through from start to finish no matter long it may take (guilty as charged!) Oh and did I mention I'm earthy and grounded??? Code for I can't be bothered to be glamorous all the time... I'm a guy's girly girl if you know what I mean ;)

I am also claimed to be a very passionate person... does being irrationally, passionately mad/happy about something count???  Loving, sympathetic, and overly appreciative (geez, story of my life!) when it comes to family and friends. A Taurus tends to take on everyone else's problems but rarely share their own... scared it might be a sign of weakness... ok now they are just out right describing me!!!

Now here is where I beg to differ... a Taurus is known to be patient??? Sorry zodiac, guess my Hispanic roots trump this one big time! I am sooooo not patient (though people perceive me as, which I find ironic) and can often be found muttering "patience is a virtue" under my breath to keep me from exploding. We are also known to be practical, efficient, and business savy... non of those are true for me either though I am so desperately trying to be those things. One thing I do have to state though, for being as stubborn as I am, I am also pretty open to hearing different perspectives on things and my mind can be changed if sufficient evidence is shown... maybe I'm an evolving Taurus?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

***Today I am thankful for... what the heck I'll bite the bullet, being a Taurus!!!***


Jack Johnson...


Jack Johnson... please stop reading right now and listen to the play list... you are welcome!!! I feel like my words couldn't possibly do justice to the heavenly harmonies that this man has created... oh and that smile I know you have on your face after listening, that one is on me ;) I have to admit (kind of embarrassed) that I myself was a bit late onto the scene when it comes to Jack Johnson. But all it took was one listen... to one song to be exact (Better Together at summer camp where I met hubs)... to make me want to hear more. And boy did I dive heart first into his music.

There is just something so cheerful and uplifting to his music. The combination of his soft rock guitar sounds, his thoughtful yet playful lyrics, and his (um hello sexy) voice were enough to convince me. Him being a Hawaiian native, I feel you can definitely hear that mellow, laid back calm throughout each of his songs. Want to hear something that will make you love him more??? He's also a major humanitarian, environmentalist, and had 100% of his 2010 World Tour proceeds go to charity... is it any wonder his music is so happy? Ok you may crush on him too now =)

my fave 10...
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***Today I am thankful for the bubbly beats of Jack Johnson... just listening to him puts the easiest smile on my face***


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