Oh London Town...


You'll notice a recurring theme in this weeks instagram shots... many are of them feature London touristy sites, food, and drinks. This is because one of my dearest friends was over visiting and that is usually what our dates consist of (the food and drink bit). Hubs and I had sooooo much fun playing tour guides... getting to show Marlena and Daniel all the sites and places they just had to eat at. All in all the week was a blur of laughter, catching up, indulging in all sorts of food, and making a lot of pit stops at pubs... the perfect visit!!!

1. my black sister from another mother 2. captin, coke, & jars as glasses 3. double decker bus ride 4. i'm on a bus 5. hyde park stroll 6. the leaves changing 7. marble arch 8. breath taking gates 9. buckingham palace 10. hello big ben 11. westminster abbey 12. beers & tequila combo 13. hubs & i 14. moniker art fair 15. early evening drinks 16. city sky line by night 17. embankment bridge 18. beers on southbank 19. we heart red wine 20. tower bridge walk 21. sweetest post it ever

Awesome- Having a best friend visiting from across the pond... and finally getting to spend time with her other half... Getting to act like our old college selves and drinking and eating like our old college selves... but now with the boys joining in too... Seeing the city through the eyes and excitement of a tourist... cause let's face it, sometimes I forget to really look at the beautiful city I live in... Seeing all my friends hanging out together... new and old and really enjoying the night... Finally having the weather and leaves change into what feels like Fall... hello scarves and hot chocolates!!! Coincidentally having a short work week so I got to spend as much time as possible with the friends... don't you just love when life works out that way... Randomly stumbling upon a graffiti art show... living in our neighborhood has made me really fall hard for all kinds of graffiti art...

Awkward- Not deciding on an exact spot to meet at the train station with Marlena (first timer in London) when her bus arrived and not having phone numbers to be able to contact each other with... how we found each other in the end I have no idea!!! Trying to cram six people into a four people booth at dinner one night... luckily only three of us were actually eating... the rest were only drinking... Knocking on a glass wall trying to get my friend's attention, only to get the guy's attention standing next to her at the bar, and having to wave "no not you, her"... he totally thought I was hitting on him... Being a tourist and going to touristy places and taking touristy pictures... awkward and let's face it, kind of awesome too! I only allow myself to do those things when guests are in town... Tweeting in a bar when a creepy guy walks by me way too closely and whispers "he's not worth it, he's a bastard" then walks away... I mean... what?!?! And lastly, having a guy hit on me at a bar when hubs walks over, introduces himself as the mr. and guy continues to hit on me... what is with these creepsters at bars lately?!?!

***Today I am thankful these wonderful pictures and my memories of such a great visit... come back anytime Marlena and Daniel!!!***


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