The New Newlyweds...


It was a night to remember... and remember it I did! Though more so through the piecing together of pictures and the other girl's stories than my own memories. I woke up with a dead cell phone battery, hair in a tangled, teased, and hair sprayed mess, last night's makeup still on my face, and a sore knee/ ankle (from all the insane dancing we did!) so already I knew it had been a good night!!! What am I talking about??? Well remember a couple of weeks ago I had my friend's bachelorette (hen) night and promised you lovelies a post about it... well here it is! As a way of celebrating Shelby's wedding (she got married yesterday in the states!!!) I am sharing our part in celebrating her pre-nuptials here in London.

The night started with a good old fashioned get together at a friend's house to play games (pin the cell phone on Zack and game show trivia), eat, drink, and get ready together. The spread consisted of various types of cheeses (Shelb's weakness), hot wings, pickles, and a seven layer dip complemented with cosmos!!! We belted out some good old tunes circa the 90's era and stuffed our faces. Then the fun began with all kinds of makeup, teasing, crimping, and hair spraying... did I mention the theme was Saved by the Bell... fashion inspired by the one and only, Kelly Kapowski in the highschool years?!?!

After slap bracelets were slapped on (yep we found some!), it was off to the club for a full night of dancing, twirling, and some more singing along. It almost seemed too perfect when the night consisted mainly of 80's and 90's music... I mean what more can a couple of girls celebrating ask for when they just want to have fun??? We got a lot of compliments on our style that night, and we weren't the only one's in fancy dress that either so we fit right in! Some of the night's highlights included an air guitar solo from the bride to be, some very dramatic hand gestures, and of course, some classic fist pumping

As you can see by the pictures, we took our roles that night very seriously... right down to the caffeine pills! We had such a fun girl's night and were really happy to get to share in Shelby's special day here since none of us (although all American) could afford to attend the actual wedding =( For some more pictures of the night as it went on via my iphone, check out this post.

Congratulations to the newly Shelby and Martin Brownridge. Although I was very sad to not be able to attend the ceremony yesterday, I am extremely happy to be a part of your new lives together in London when you guys get back. Thanks to facebook and some of your family/friends, a few pictures have already hit the web and you both looked beautiful!!! I now pass on the title of newlyweds to you two as hubs and I near a year of being married. I asked hubs what you call a couple after they are no longer newlyweds but haven't been married that long either and he replied "suckers". Ahhh the things you have in store for you Shelby and Martin... I wouldn't change it for anything.

***Today I am thankful for another American/British couple making it to the alter... we are a growing population... let's make t-shirts!!!***


  1. ahh I love the theme! My husband and I were AC Slater and Lisa Turtle at a party last year. So much fun.
    What great memories for you all!

  2. @Anna of IHOD
    Thanks! I was so much fun to dress up in and we kept reciting old lines from the show all night! -JB.



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