Let's Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!!!


I'm back guys and super excited to share... well, a whole lot of stuff!!! Seems like even when life gets to busy to blog, the old wheels are still churning ideas for future blog post... now if I can hopefully organize myself to actually get all those ideas into posts sometime in the near future, well that would be terrific! I'm feeling motivated this evening on catching up on some of my regular posts and others I had started and didn't quite finish in time (story of my life). You may or may not know but, I had one of my dearest friends visiting so needless to say I went missing from the blog-sphere again! We had a fabulous time here in London Town and I will share more about it in a later post.... but first things first, onto Thursday London Love time!!!

1. row of fashionable mannequins 2. how i show myself love everyday 3. creativeness on my day off
4. a lovely friday night beer 5. with a lovely friday night curry 6. the huge mustache that fell on someone... seriuosly! 7. homemade  (not by me) delish chicken wings 8. some caffine pills for excitement 9. the ladies drink cosmos 10. shelby making faces through the years coasters 11. sooo saved by the bell 12. shelby's last single night in london 13. what i thought might be the cure 14. what happens when hubs works on a sunday 15. mani & pedi i so badly needed 16. i heart color and bored at work 17. muffin & coffee break time 18. what i feel/look like after a day at work 19. homemade mac & cheese (that i made!) cause i'm awesome 20. his & hers chocolate milk in wine glasses 21. now that is some extreme grillz!

Awesome- finding all sorts of inspiration through sheer boredom for me to photograph and share with you lovely folks!!! coffee... because let's face it, it just is... finally having the time to dive back into some designing... it's been way too long!!! Sharing some beers and curry with my main man... mr. hubs!!! arts and crafting a gift for a friend with hubs... can you help me cut out some mustache and lip stencils please??? Saved by the Bell bachlorette nights (or hen nights if in london) with the gals, amazing food/drinks, and some good classic 80's tunes!!! Shelby getting married to M in less than two weeks... welcome to the Americans married to Brits club, want to make t-shirts??? All the bad food you justify eating because surely one of them will cure your hangover... right?!? Self pampering and very lazy Sundays... Desperate Housewives... who knew?!? Or was it just me that has been out of the loop all these years??? Um in case you didn't notice, the amazingly awesome skull candles I can't stop playing with/photographing at work... Biggest sell yet... £1107 to date and I am a selling machine... who knew?!? 

Awkward- Having an epic fight when trying to change the mannequins clothes and the mannequin winning... just like playing with barbies that are twice my size!!! Watching four girls wait in the bathroom line for a hefty ten minutes... only to see a guy come out and some very unimpressed death stares being sent his way... The teasing and hairspray that were involved to get that 80's volume... so not awkward at all!!! Getting turned away from the club for being "too drunk" and asked to go eat some food and come back when I hadn't even drank yet... needless to say we sat in a coffee shop for five minutes and then went back... the bouncer said thank you for co-operating... I shouted "I didn't even eat anything!" as I ran in... (Boycott Inferno if your a Londoner) Some of the guys we encountered on our girls night out... also in fancy dress... denim cut-offs and denim tops... pictures soon I promise!!! Ordering chicken nuggets, a cheese burger, fries, and coke and having the checkout girl look at me funny... yes it's all for me, I am severely hung over, and don't you dare judge me!!! Some co-worker... still... who luckily never looked me on f.b. so I am in the clear for now... Eating a whole pizza for dinner two nights in a row... all by my tiny self!!! Frenamies... a term I recently introduced into hubs vocabulary... oh to be a guy and drama free!!! Giving your opinion to a customer when you hear "what do you think about this tie?" only to discover his wife is standing behind you and no he doesn't care that I think he could chose a better tie...

***Today I am thankful for coffee, food, and drinks because it seems to be the majority of what I'm taking pictures of lately... and not necessarily in that order***


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