Florence + The Machine


So it's Wednesday and not really Tuesday anymore... but for the sake of music, I decided to post Tuesday Tunes anyways... especially since I had already decided on showcasing Florence + the Machine... my obsession as of lately! Listening to her strong vocals combined with the upbeat roar of the many accompanying instruments used throughout her songs really puts me in the best of moods!!! Her sound is a unique blend of rock, indie, and soul done like non other. And then there is the other odd combination of her blazing red-orange curls and goth/retro fashion sense that has made her a leading fashion icon. My favorite song of hers that has been on non stop repeat (poor hubs!) for the past couple of days is The Dog Days Are Over... such an uplifting and snap your fingers while you stomp your feet kind of tune!!! Makes me want to choreograph a contemporary dance to go with it... maybe Ive already started... while I was cleaning the day away... guess you'll never know ;)

In other news, one of my very bestest friends is visiting starting tomorrow... all the way from the other side (my side) of the pond!!! Needless to say, I apologize in advance if I disappear... we might be far too busy catching up, eating sushi, and drinking wine... just so you know!

my fave 10...

*Click through to the blog to view actual music player...

***Today I am thankful for a day off... florence + the machines and dancing around make cleaning the flat just that much more fun!!!***


  1. Love Florence + The Machine. Great playlist!

    xoxo, Nali

    P.S. visiting from FTLOB

  2. Florence and the Machine! What a fun way to start my morning. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hopping over from FTLOB xo

  3. @Katherines Corner
    I know! They are the best to listen to in the morning... really wake me up and get me going =)



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