Days Gone By...


These days it seems like the time is just flying by and I can't keep up! No matter how much I try and keep organized and plan ahead, I am exhausted by work and house chores. In the blink of an eye October is basically gone and all the things I had originally anticipated for it will now have to be done in November. I guess that's just the way life is sometimes hu? Ever feel like life is passing you by faster than you can handle? Do any of you guys have any tips or suggestions on how get the most out of your days? I'll try anything!

 1. good morning neighborhood 2. on my morning commute 3. first day at the new shop
4. pretty flowers 5. pumpkins galore 6. homemade butternut squash soup 7. stock room shot 
8. welcome to brick lane 9. mint dark chocolate is my vice 10. making some cuban coffee 11. hub's surprise date night 12. mrs. & mr. 13. witch 14. ghoul 15. persian  spread 16. i see you 17. i got mail 18. mmm pie 19. rainy london day 20. run dem crew night 21. spittafields market

Awesome- Hubs finally catching up to me on desperate housewives... finally I can see new episodes again, oh the endless drama that I heart so much!!! Making butternut squash soup with hubs... if fall has a flavor, that is definitely it!!! Hubs showing up for date night with all the essentials... wine, ice cream, and crisps.... what can I say, my man is a keeper!!! Getting an orange envelope in the mail... all the way from Miami!!! I mean I love any snail mail but getting an unexpected one from the rents just cause makes it that much more special!!! Running with the crew again... I definitely need motivation to run on these cold and rainy days ahead... not to mention my little tired feet... My sister in law coming for a visit and being extras in yet another of hub's work things...

Awkward- A customer trying on trousers without closing the fitting room curtains... um hello mr. boxers!?! I mean really, who does that?!? Some customers refusing to talk to me... even when you make it a point to stand in front of them and talk directly to them... Yes I'm talking to you, don't act like you can't hear me, rude! Girl from work being overly apologetic for something and leaning in to hug and kiss me on the cheek... I mean is that really necessary??? A simple I'm sorry would have done the trick... Oh and finding out that I had made it in this ad and then getting cut because the client thought I was too pretty and not realistic... ummm thank you I think? I mean I am a real a person and newsflash, I do eat butter too!!! 

***Today I am thankful for the lovely crisp autumn air we've been having... so fresh and nice to take in... fall is officially here!!!***


  1. Instagram rocks my socks. Thanks for sharing :):)

  2. @Katya
    I know doesn't it just... I think I may be addicted!!! -JB.



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