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So I fell asleep after work again and failed to post in time for Thursday... between working and running, I am left exhausted guys! But here for you lovelies is Thursday's London Love... because it is always better late than never right?!?!

Thur. 15- A lot of working... saying trousers... and making a mental list of things I want to buy now that I'm a working gal... to bad my love for fashion and shopping are bigger than my paycheck... le sigh!

Fri. 16- A big thanks again to IFB's Jennine Jacob for putting together the bloggers event Crystals & Crumpets in collaboration with Swarovski Crystallized. I can't even begin to describe to you all how lovely the venue, the fellow bloggers, the food, and of course the bling was! If only I could have more tea parties like that penciled into my agenda... oh and I also got my new running shoes that my feet so desperately have been needing!

Sat. 17- Finally a day off so hubs and I took full advantage of hanging out and catching up on what's been going on. I started the day by making us my very special eggs in a basket with some other yummy and healthy muchies to go along with it. Then we lounged around and watched movies online (yep thanks to the internet!!!) while a delightful storm poured down outside. After the rain passed, one of the most beautiful rainbows ever appeared just outside our window... too bad the billboard made it hard to enjoy.  And lastly, I took my new running shoes out for a spin... it felt like I was running on clouds =)

Sun. 18- Back to work for me today... one of the sucky things about working retail is that my a.) my schedule may vary from week to week and b.) working days may include some weekends and so my precious time with hubs is limited now. On the bright side, I do get to work in a very lovely shop that has nice customers (thank God!) and with some great coworkers... oh and the occasional drink after work is also a nice plus I might add =)

Mon. 19- Another work day... Do you need any help sir??? I can check in the back if we have your size... Yes that looks great on you... I would go with the grey... Will that be card or cash??? We only do store credit or exchanges... Can I get you to enter your pin please... Thank you and have a good day!!! (Below are the bunnies I get to see on my way to and from work... I love those guys!)

Tue. 20- One of the only days I look forward to for running after work thanks to Run Dem Crew!!! No matter how tired I am, no matter how achey my feet may be, I am always super excited to go out and run with my group. Thanks for the much needed energy guys!!!

Wed. 21- Geez you guys... I'm not sure what to say except that I was at work all day again... boring little old me hu? I promise once I get my I phone up and running, I'll be able to take pictures during the day so at least my work rants can be a little more exciting =) Below is the healthy dinner hubs and I prepared... oven baked salmon, grilled asparagus, and chocolate milk... delish!

Awesome- Making more sales at work and having it feel more normal than just pretend now... I do work here and I am a shop girl... Crystals, crumpets, and bloggers... enough said!!! Buying my second pair of running shoes... in three years! Guess I was long over due hu??? Rainy and lazy days in spent with best hubs ever... and lots of eating/movie watching involved too... Finishing my little organization project in the stock room organizing all of the new seasons denim in style and size order... and secretly loving every minute of it!!! Getting some more of my knitting done... and I can't wait until I can share more on this with you guys!!! Starbucks coffee... at least one a day... sometimes even two... Drinking out of jars... what can I say, hubs is rubbing off on me...Running with my slow hares ya'll and what?!?! And did I mention my new I phone... love Love LOVE!!!

Awkward- Getting used to my new schedule and being so tired I need coffee every morning in order to function now... em addicted much??? Having some male customers check them self out relentlessly when trying on clothes... geez and I thought us girls were bad! Walking into a room full of strangers and getting the courage to walk up to a group, introduce myself, and join in the convo... My feet in any all ways imaginable... Having a male mannequin twice my height fall over on me while I'm trying to dress itcrotch area... in front of customers... and my boss saying I look like I'm having too much fun with task at hand (no pun intended)... and lastly that gem I tweeted about... a customer coming in five minutes to closing and insisting on having to try on at least 15 different coats... helplessly watching her lug arm load after arm load into the fitting room and thinking this is going to suck if she doesn't buy anything... having my coworker (the Italian) walk by and literally freak out at her saying "oh no!" over and over as he grabs coats out of her hands... customer in shock almost crying and stating he is very rude and would rather not buy anything from us at all... and the Italian saying "better for us, you can leave"... I mean OMG!!! I just stood in unbelieving silence as the scene unfolded thinking "my hero!"
***Today I am thankful for my I phone!!! As if you guys didn't see that one coming!***


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