A Week In Instgrams...


Shame on me I know... It's been a week and thank you all for being soooo patient while I got back into the swing of things. I can't say I'm totally adjusted/recovered/organized and all but slowly and surely getting there! So as you all know by now, I finally got the i phone 4g Ive been swooning over since as long as I can remember and I just L.O.V.E. it!!! I have been playing with it non stop and if you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen my daily uploads of instagram (madewithlovejb) pictures. I'm a little obsessed for the time being and decided to switch things up for Thurday's London Love posts. Since a picture is worth a thousand words and now I can document my random daily activities, I introduce to you my lovely week in 21 instagram photos... enjoy!

1. hubs not amused by my new obsession 2. karl lagerfeld designer diet coke bottle 3. geeky glasses Ive been secretly wanting 4. orla kiley i phone cover 5. brightest running shoes ever 6. hubs famous curry dinner and lemon water 7. the spittafields market all seeing goat 8. starbucks is my morning bff 9. my local bunnies 10. loving this color story 11. a sleepy hubs 12. run to the beat half marathon game day face 13. our new love plant 14. oxford blues 15. the morning crew 16. a hard day's work of folding 17. run dem crew medal ceremony 18. hiding sleepy eyes behind oversized shades 19. enjoying the odd sun and warmth 20. book of the month 21. book club meetup pizza

So there you have it guys... a much more interesting way to see what Ive been up to. What have you guys been doing while Ive been away??? Coming up shortly, a more in depth mile by mile recap of the Run To The Beat Half Marathon with my thoughts, how the training went, and reviews on my new gear. 

Awesome- Learning how to use my i phone and secretly loving that I can just google anything about it... how do you insert the sim card... no lie I googled that!!! The darling Orla Kiley phone cover I snatched up... I know it's not one of the ones I had posted about but was just as cute, cheaper, and quicker to get... braking in my new running shoes and imagining my lasts runs as if it were the day... race day to be exact... kind of like judgement day only sweatier... Judgement day, I mean half marathon day and having some of my run dem crew ladies for support... My black sister from another mother's birthday... lady we are getting old!!! Coffee because I am officially addicted... what I use to convince myself to get up and go to work... goofing off with coworkers and pretending mr. mannequin is my new boy toy... oh hubs will be jealous!!! Ali and Bryan celebrating two years of marital bliss... holly cow where has the time flown??? Meeting some lovely ladies at my first book club meetup and having a great time... even though I didn't quite finish the book in time... I can just wing it or use the cliff notes yea??? And the really warm and sunny weather we are having... I'm not complaining but just a little weary to let my guard down because I know as soon as I do, BAM winter will hit me in the face!!!

Awkward- Asking the sales clerk to take pictures of me in various glasses for hubs to see... ok now these in the black, now in the grey... Some of my coworkers... ok maybe just one to be exact... I wont name an names... Having to work the day before the race because I was so excited and over energized I must have scared off at least a few customers... that and that it definitely affected my race the next day... eight hours of standing, ouch!!! Mile 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, and possibly 13... The fact that I wanted to take all my clothes off and run in my underwear it was so hot!!! Having a customer admit to me that he must be annoying me because he just destroyed hours worth of folding... you think?!?! Deciding to grow out my eyebrows to the max before getting them threaded again... we are most certainly in the bushy eyebrow stage now folks... People coming into the shop and asking for all kinds of random directions... it's a store people not an information center... And successfully communicating with a couple that barely spoke any English... lots of hand gestures and over pronouncing of basic words were used...

***Today I am thankful for... well everything really, things have been going great and I have no complaints!!!***


  1. Your bookclub pizza looks soo good! haha, did all the pics help you choose glasses? :)

  2. @Rachel I know it was delish! Yea the inner geek in me is currently obsessing over them... now just have to save up! -JB.



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