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Happy Labor Day my fellow Americans! I must say its hard to remember the smaller holidays that only the States celebrate... Labor Day, Memorial Day, President's Day, etc. I was only until I checked my facebook (terrible I know!) that I realized something was going on since majority of my friends had status updates of "going to the beach", "sleeping in", or "taking advantage of the major sales". Oh how I miss these simple holidays...
Any ways, I have for you all today IFB Project #12... and it involves nails!!! So let me start off by saying that as a disclaimer, I tend to be ex-treeeam-ly low maintenance when it comes to nails. I'm that girl that can apply a shade, not sit still long enough for them to dry properly, end up with some sort of fingerprint, indent, or chip within the first five seconds, and then can't be bothered to fix or change them for a month. Usually what ends up happening is my nail polish will chip off till I only have little specs of color on a few nails... in about a month! But I have to say, in the last couple of years, I have been trying really, really hard to be more nail conscience. And I did what works best for me... I made myself a nail schedule... yep you read right, a nail schedule! 

There is something about having as much control as possible that just soothes me and I find planning things helps me a lot. Of course when things deviate away from said schedule, I go a bit frantic... but we aren't here to talk about that are we? So let's talk nails! I try to change my polish every two weeks... that keeps my nails short and trimmed (I can't stand long nails) and with a decent coat of paint on them. Of course sometimes I miss a scheduled nail day and then wait until the next one (must keep on schedule people). So now that Ive come to terms with all that, I have started exploring color trends on my nails... and have now branched out to pairing two shades at a time... wild I know!

For the next two weeks (hopefully) you will find me sporting my absolute favorite colors for Fall... that's right folks, Ive taken the plunge and accepted Fall is here. I might as well enjoy the good that comes with it hu? Another little thing I should note, there is no rhyme or reason as to how or why I chose to paint a specific nail a certain color, just depends on the mood I'm in when I'm doing my nails. Sometimes I'll do all the same shade on all fingers but one on each hand (and feet) for a slight pop of color. Other times, like now, I go a bit more random. Ive paired O.P.I. Cajun Shrimp with The Elle Grey (did I mention yet that magazines here come with little gifts... um amazing!!!)  And then I finished off with a top coat of Essie No Chips Ahead. Still I manage to chip some but at least its less now.

Now that Ive mastered the basics of nail etiquette... could it be time to try some of these looks?

P.S.- I am also loving Essie's current Fall Collection... must get all!!!

***Today I am thankful for color in any form... I have so much fun with it and it allows me to express myself when words just aren't enough***


  1. Beautiful color combination! I love your manicure!


  2. Gorgeous nails pretty lady :)

    Agreed on Essie's Fall Collection. I've had my eye on it as well!

    Definitely try the Newspaper Nails - super easy and they turn out great!


  3. I cant believe it...The entire post feels like I wrote it,the same exact thing happens to me..all my life I have never ever paid attention to my nails because on the first 5 seconds I do something, whatever and there goes the manicure..ruined! I am sooo trying my best to get better and I must say, I AM learning to have fun with it and stay still after painting my nails...ugh, afterwards they look so cute that only that keeps me motivated!! loved it! Im a follower...come visit my blog if u would be great! Farah

  4. @Plami
    Thanks hun! I was really happy to see how much the grey made the orange pop. -JB.

  5. @Katya
    Why thank you! I know I can't decide which color to get first... too hard! I have yet to try the newspaper nails but it's def. on my to do list. -JB.

  6. @2Gitanas Haha ain't i the truth though?!?! I know exactly what you mean, I look at my freshly done nails (avoiding the glitches) and think that wasn't so hard... I need to keep them like this more often!

    Of course it doesn't always happen... I have the remains of that manicure on my nails right now as I type... little flecks of color left over on some really shabby nail lol. -JB.



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